Does meditation improve memory?

Are you a person who has trouble controlling your emotions? A new study of the Brown University reveals that meditation works as a control of sensations, so it helps you reduce from depression to chronic pain.

In the study published by the magazine Frontiers in Human Neuroscience It is detailed that the full awareness that is acquired through meditation allows a person to have greater control over the cerebral process that generates pain and emotions.

The researchers mention that conscious meditation, through breathing, influences the alpha cortical rhythms found in the somatosensory cortex of the brain, which play a fundamental role in what the body feels and in thoughts.

"People who practice mindfulness develop a greater sensitivity to control their alpha cortical rhythms, that is, those specific negative body sensations, such as chronic pain or depression," say the specialists.


Does meditation improve memory?

Even, a study of Massachusetts General Hospital , of the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, notes that conscious meditation improves mental abilities such as quick recall.

To perform this process, alpha cortical rhythms suppress irrelevant sensations to regulate the flow of information between brain regions.


More benefits!

Meditation helps keep you in the present, to find yourself and connect with yourself to rediscover your virtues.Dhyan Gulistan and Nirdosh Eidels, specialists in Neurosomatic Meditation and Reprogramming They explain other benefits of achieving full awareness:

To practice meditation you do not need a specific posture, you just have to find a place where you feel comfortable and free to let yourself be guided by your thoughts and realize the rhythm of your breathing. And you, how would meditation help you?

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