3 tips to strengthen your abdomen under

Having a body outlined, toned and free of fat is the dream of all women; However, genetics, eating habits and diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome create very unsightly bulges in the lower abdominal region. Change your diet and exercise! Combat fat in your lower belly with a balanced diet and exercise that area to achieve a silhouette of envy. To help you, here is a simple exercise routine: Tone: Lie on your back with your legs straight; Slowly raise your head, as if you were going to start with a basic abdominal exercise. Now place your hands behind her, bend both legs and then straighten them in the air. Lower them slowly (trying to ke Read More


The hectic life of the city often limits us to going to the gym or doing physical activities of our choice; If you really want to exercise and you do not have time, there are no more pretexts here we present you the best aerobic exercises to burn fat without going to the gym Read More

5 practical tips

Many times we think that to improve our diet it is necessary to make drastic changes in our way of life, but today, with Diana Castellanos, we give you tips to improve your diet in a simple way. 5 practical tips Monday without meat. That's right, say goodbye to any product of animal origin for only one day, your body will thank you and if you are inflamed or inflamed you will see how this symptom decreases. Read More

10 benefits of zumba

Zumba is a very fun dance discipline, which can be practiced by both men and women. Increase your energy, improve coordination and physical condition, it gives well-being to the body, reduces excess fat, stress and increases self-esteem. Read More

10 keys not to abandon the exercise

Physical activity is vital to achieve a better quality of life. To achieve a physical activity throughout the year is necessary to set real goals. Physical activity can help you feel better. Read More

10 warm-up exercises

Have you ever injured or torn any muscle while doing any physical activity? Maybe it happened because you did not do warm-up exercises prior to your specialized routine or your favorite sport. Read More

1st vegan in running the Tour de France

David Zabriskie is an American cyclist who from this July 2 will become the first person to run the Tour de France, whose diet is "vegan", that is, does not include any product of animal origin. Read More

1st McDonald's career with cause

In order to help children have a better lifestyle and an optimal education, Mc Donald's company will hold its first race in Mexico, entitled, Women Run. It will take place this Sunday, October 30, simultaneously in 15 Latin American states. Read More

1,2,3 Mark your muscles easily

Marking your body with ease should not be a gym torment. Mark your body easily with a high octane routine. The expert will tell you how to mark your body with ease Read More

10 gadgets that help you lose weight

Undoubtedly, when you want to lose weight, it is essential not only to be disciplined and have the support of experts, it is also important to have various devices that make this process easier. Therefore, we present 10 gadgets that will be key to see you and feel better. Know them! 1. Heart rate monitor glove. It is an elastic band that is placed on the chest. You can use it while you run or practice another sport. Knowing your heart rate will help you know if you are making enough effort to achieve your goal of losing weight or if you need to "do something else" to achieve it. 2. Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat. It is a yoga tapa that has a built-in s Read More

3 exercises for your spine

Physical activity helps you to start your life. In physical activity, exercises for the back can be included. Physical activity prevents diseases. Read More