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Gray hair is associated with aging, after a certain age people begin to notice that they are randomly appearing white or silver hair. It is more common to see silvery manes in people of very advanced age than in young people, and that is when most of us panic when noticing the appearance of these. Read More

Wrong haircut?

Learn some tips to avoid a wrong haircut. A clear image of your style will prevent a wrong haircut. Learn how to achieve a haircut to your liking. Read More


Discover how to strengthen your hair and look healthy. With this mask you strengthen your hair to look healthy. How to strengthen your hair? Meet a very simple tip Read More


If you are looking to lighten your hair naturally, check out these tips. Lemon and honey are two ingredients to lighten your hair naturally. The properties of chamomile are very effective to lighten the hair naturally. Read More


Hair tips can help achieve a perfect hair extension. To achieve the perfect fit, follow the hair care tips. At we have the tips for perfect straight hair. Read More

How to eliminate the dandruff definitely?

If you are one of the people who love black, but he does not appear in his wardrobe for fear that his shoulders will be covered in "snow". Then you should know that many commercial shampoos are useless to the problem of dandruff, which has as causes a seborrheic dermatitis. Read More

Properties of horsetail shampoo

Horse shampoo for hair growth ... Although within the market there is an "incalculable" variety of products for hair health, few are those that really have an effect on their growth, repair or good looks. Among the most sold is the horsetail shampoo, which has several benefits. Read More

Onion shampoo: benefit and uses

Onion shampoo, what is it for? From using a contraceptive pill in the rinse to using almond oil on the dried ends ... Natural remedies have proven to be an excellent option to obtain a long and shiny hair, but among the most effective is onion shampoo. Read More

This makes women lose their hair

Believe it or not, stress or the use of birth control pills can cause a woman to lose her hair. What are the reasons why a woman's hair falls out? What causes a woman to lose her hair? Read More

White discomfort ...

Discover some natural elements that will help you avoid dandruff. How to avoid dandruff Do not let your social life die, discover some ways to prevent dandruff. You want to prevent dandruff naturally, here we tell you how. Read More

Do not be alarmed!

Women are less likely to suffer hair loss by inheritance than men, however, stress, poor diet, excessive use of dyes, shampoo, pincers and dryers damage the health of the scalp, which also causes they suffer this condition. Read More

Avoid unnecessary worries!

Learn the myths about hair loss and discover the truth about this problem. What are the most common myths about hair loss? Demystify them and live quietly. 10 myths about hair loss. Read More

Treatment that straightens the hair could be bad for your health

Straight hair looks good on you, but it is bad for your health. This technique can be dangerous, because the products that transform the curls contain a harmful substance for who is exposed to it. Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that some treatment brands generate in a gaseous state, and it is common to find in large concentrations within beauty salons. Read More

Original option ...

Here we tell you how to prepare a dry shampoo. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day, a good option to keep it clean is through dry shampoo. Our friends told me that they teach you how to prepare a shampoo in sex. Read More

5 tips to take care of your long hair

Long hair definitely makes women look beautiful and sexy; however, it requires certain care to keep it healthy. According to information from, hair grows one centimeter every month, but this rhythm can change according to each woman's lifestyle. To have beautiful hair, suggests these tips. Read More

You must try!

There are things or methods that although "absurd" can save your hair. These are some things that can save your hair, try it! Here we tell you some things that will help you save your hair, for example, wrap it in aluminum foil? Read More

4 'common' mistakes that you should avoid in your hair

Hair care is one of the habits that we work hardest, because we are used to certain cleaning and combing routines, which instead of looking healthy, silky and strong, we make mistakes that damage the hair. These are the 4 main mistakes that damage the hair! Read More