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Nutrition and exercise

3 worst diets of 2014

Avoid wasting your time and better lose weight, know the worst diets of 2014. We behave the three diets of 2014 with less results for your body. Take care and avoid carrying out those 2014 diets that harm your health. Read More

4 tips to choose multigrain food

There are many types of multigrain foods on the market, but how to choose them? Multigrain foods are a mixture of previously refined grains, which can be found in bread, oats and cereal. There is multigrain food that contains 80% more fiber than other whole grains. Read More

Sequelae for your health

Excessive consumption of junk food affects the health of people. Children who eat regualarly junk food develop attention problems. Adults may experience depression from overeating junk food. Read More


When passing the age of thirty, the metabolism slows down and the production of certain hormones that favor the burning of fat decreases, that is why it is important to follow certain habits to combat abdominal fat. Read More

5 foods that produce gastritis

The consumption of drugs and other unhealthy habits generate gastritis. The University of Maryland, Medical Center, warns that factors such as stress and unhealthy habits generate gastritis. Poor nutrition is one of the unhealthy habits that generate gastritis. Read More

The Color Run reached the streets of Mexico City

The third edition of Color Run arrived in Mexico. More than 21 thousand runners participated in the color run that was developed with the support of Starbuck Mexico. The color run promotes individuality, friendship and family union by sharing these types of activities. Read More

What is the best time to exercise?

The burning of calories increases in the afternoon, which is why it is considered the best time to exercise. From six in the evening the metabolism of people works more quickly, that's why it's the best time to exercise. No matter what you consider the best time to exercise, the important thing is to improve your health. Read More

This is the effect of taking two cans of soda a week

Drinking a soda once in a while is worth it, but when it's a habit and you drink at least two cans a week, you can put your health at risk ... According to research conducted by the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, two cans of soda a week are enough to cause diabetes, hypertension, strokes and heart disease. Read More

Kundalini balances your energy

Practicing kundalini helps you focus your energy in a positive way. Learn about some of the benefits that kundalini has inside you and refill them abroad. Energy yoga or Kundalini highlights the importance of not only doing but also feeling. Read More

More taxes, less overweight?

According to the expert from the Universidad Iberoamericana, the VAT on soft drinks does not reduce obesity. The Tax Reform proposed by the government of Mexico includes VAT on soft drinks, but this does not reduce obesity. Nutrition specialists confirm that VAT on soft drinks does not reduce obesity or overweight in Mexico. Read More

Know your gym!

To know how to burn more fat in the gym, it is important that you know the devices that allow you to burn more calories. Burn more fat in gymnasium is possible. GetQoralHealth.com, presents a simple guide so you know how to burn more fat in the gym. Read More