What looks do the most attractive men find?

Beyond the tastes in common, the attraction can be influenced by biological or physical aspects; example, the features of the look, that can indicate compatible genetics, fertility and a whole language of wish and the affection.


When two people look at each other eyes, they share a sense of pleasure from being together or from anger . We can read another person's face without looking at their eyes, but when the eyes meet we will not only know how the other one feels, but he will know that we know his state of being. cheer up ", Says the expert in non-verbal communication, Flora Davis.

What look do they like?

According to an investigation carried out by the University of Ontario, in Canada, reveals that women who have large eyes attract the Attention masculine since subjectively they consider that this trait shows that a woman is optimistic and cheerful.

This association of ideas also allows us to take into account that the joy attracts like a magnet in social relationships while the sadness or negativity can lead to alienating others.

On the other hand, men are less focused on women with small eyes because this aesthetic feature is considered synonymous with falsehood. However, the power of a gaze tends to be subjective, so it is important not to be guided by the first impression.

Before you use the makeup To make your eyes look bigger, take this into account: A study published by the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, affirms that for the opposite sex women without paint or with little are more attractive.

Remember that a healthy and happy person will always be beautiful for others. Beware!

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