3 keys to learn to meditate

You do not need to make a specific position to start this technique relaxation . All you need is to find a quiet place where you can be alone. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable position; Then think of a place that will generate peace and pleasure.

The three steps, to achieve a meditation , are:

1. Concentrate on your breathing . Inhale through your nose and pay attention to some aspects of breathing, such as the pause between breaths or the sensation of air coming out of your nose

2. Fix your mind on a word, phrase or sentence . In transcendental meditation, you can mentally repeat a word or sound. Something that will generate peace and well-being

3. Live the moment . In this way you achieve a conscious mediation

Many people meditate with eyes closed. Others prefer to keep their eyes partially open with a slight focus. Remember that it does not matter if you lie down or sit on the floor; a chair or a cushion; the key to meditation is to be at peace with yourself, make a connection and recognize that you can always do something to change what no longer serves you in life, as anger , envy , go to Y guilt .

Video Medicine: Meditation - Three Keys to Proper Meditation (July 2020).