5 celebrities who practice meditation

The meditation it is the technique par excellence of spiritual hygiene that, among many of its effects, diffuses the concerns and cultivates equanimity with respect to itself.

Through this one acquires the ability to observe one's mental dynamics, which leads to making decisions calmly and correctly.

There are several scientific studies that claim that it improves the psychic and physical health , which reduces the risk of getting sick.

For to meditate you do not have to believe in any religion or special philosophy. It is highly recommended because it helps us to have a balance in life, both in terms of emotional and the physical , as in spiritual .


The first ones they found Balance emotional thanks to the meditation :

Tireless defenders of meditation were The Beatles, who stood as the first celebrities to embrace this discipline. The Liverpool band, especially George Harrison and Paul McCartney, made this practice to get through a decade of psychedelia, drugs and excesses.


Celebrities who believe faithfully in meditation

One of the most fervent defenders and promoters of the meditation he is the film director David Lynch , who sometimes leaves aside his artistic activities to organize events in favor of this practice.

The singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick jagger He is also a regular meditator. Gone are the years of excess and, today's "grandfather of 67-year-old rock", prefers to spend his time digging the depths of his mind .

Jerry Seinfeld , American comedian, has also confessed to being a regular at the Zen meditation . The actor has declared that meditating calms him nerves and that it is an activity that he has been practicing for more than 30 years.

The gallant of cinema Richard Gere not only is he a tireless defender of Tibet and the Dalai Lama He also practices what he preaches and every day he gets up early to meditate.

Other celebrities who have found peace and tranquility in the meditation are: the golfer Tiger Woods , singer Sheryl Crow , and the musician Sting .

Nowadays, it seems that the meditation is fashionable among celebrities . More and more celebrities join this practice and describe, in interviews and reports, encounters with themselves and narrate how their lives have changed.

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