A different lifestyle?

Just do not lose weight! It may not be the right time to perform diet, and this can significantly influence the results you want to achieve.

According to an investigation of the Florida State University, most women perform, at some point in their lives, a diet without knowing that this behavior can have long-term side effects; example, damage to health.


A different lifestyle?

Presented in the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Intake , the study indicates that the females who perform diet before the age of 30, they tend to consume more alcohol or induce vomiting, thus seriously damaging their physical condition.

However, apart from the effect that poor nutrition can have at a certain age, there are times when it is not good to be on a diet. Here we present three of them.

1. Stress to the fullest! Stressed women have higher levels of insulin hormone, that contributes to the storage of fat, says a study published in the magazine Biological Psychiatry . In addition, the anxiety they experience at this moment leads them to consume more carbohydrates of those required.

2. Sorry! Researchers of the University of Alabama at Birmingham , notes that depression causes people to gain weight, especially in the area abdominal. This circumstance can also put your life at risk, since it increases the possibility of heart disease.

3. Work at night. People who sleep little or have poor sleep tend to gain weight, he says. José Dorazco Valdez, Head of Clinical Neurophysiology and founder of the Sleep Clinic of the Fray Antonio Alcalde Civil Hospital, in Guadalajara.

If you are not in any of these moments, you can decide to change your diet. Remember that your diet should be balanced, but if you want better results the ideal is that you add 20 minutes of exercise per day. Beware!