Timely review

Medicines are substances and as such, have physical-chemical properties, and according to these, suffer remarkable changes when expire , the most important is the loss of your activity. But the consequences taking expired medications can be really serious for you.

When the expiration of a medicine has expired, can cause allergies, bacterial resistance and poisoning ranging from mild to severe, he says Mars Lorenzana Jiménez , academic Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM .


The antibiotics for example, they have a period of validity as of when they go out to the market; When that time ends, some become products toxic "He says.


Timely review

The expert indicates that to avoid problems you must take into account the physical state where the formula is found or medicine , since the active substance may be rendered ineffective after the date of expiration .


The stability of a drug is the ability of a pharmaceutical product, to preserve its chemical, physical, microbiological and biopharmaceutical properties within specified limits, throughout its shelf life, "he explains.

Therefore, the active principle must be available during the life of storage expected from the preparation. One of the factors that most affects the conservation of a medication is the temperature . Reason why it is advised to keep them in cool and dry places.

Lorenzana Jiménez indicates that it is important that you review the medicines at least once a year and you get rid of those who no longer serve, that is, anyone who has changed color or is spotted.


Tetracycline and ferrous sulfate, for example, have brown spots when they decompose, "he says.

Remember that you should never throw away drugs to the trash or to the toilet, since they are polluting dangerous . There are collection centers for expired products, from where health personnel pick them up and get rid of them.

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