What you did not know ...

In the same way as youth, the changes that the andropause provokes in older men are hormonal , psychological, interpersonal, social, sexual as well as spiritual, so that a good percentage has affected their quality of life due to these changes.

The most common signs or symptoms of andropause in men turn out to be inconvenient due to irritability, weakness, depression, decreased libido and erection difficulties, however, as with women, many of these can be controlled by various therapies , like the Substitution of Testosterone.

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What you did not know ...

1. Most men look at decreasing levels of testosterone year with year. However, certain men are more disadvantaged than others. It is estimated that about 25% of the population worldwide has this disorder in some degree of andropause, according to the World Health Organization.

2. In some cases, andropause can occur in males because of the lack of a testicle (due to a tumor, etc.), even though a single testicle is normally sufficient to maintain normal levels of testosterone, about 10% of these patients have decreased levels.

3. When men suffer from andropause they can get fat and lose elasticity in their joints more easily, according to the Spanish Andrology Association .

4. The replacement therapy or testosterone replacement it can not be applied in men with breast or prostate cancer, and, in case of presenting vascular, cardiac or renal pathologies, hepatopathy, enlarged prostate or diabetes.

5. In man, it is thought that the testosterone It plays a role in maintaining that balance. Between age 40 and 70 years, male bone density decreases up to 15%.

6. Low bone density increases the risk of frequent fractures, associated pain and, in many cases, loss of independence. The wrists, hips, spine and ribs are the most affected.

7. The appearance of andropause or male hypogonadism is not only related to a decrease in testosterone, but also estrogen, since their levels are directly connected, according to a study by Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to the specialists, it is basic to understand that andropause is not a disease, but a state of life that approaches aging, so it is important to try to adapt to the new conditions and adopt habits that allow a higher physical quality, as emotionally and mentally.

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