5 causes of a boring relationship

A stable and happy relationship is not something simple to achieve, but a key to making them work is to respect each other's positions and learn from time to time to put ourselves in their place. However, things do not always go as we wish, nor is it about lack of love, but sometimes you can just get to have a boring relationship.

In couples who have lived together for some time, there is a high possibility that the routine and monotony of the established push the coexistence towards an inertia devoid of surprises, resulting in a boring relationship.

If you want to fight a boring relationship, first of all it is important that both together, and separately, both think if they want to rescue the situation, or if it is best to turn the page.

In case of determining to continue together, it is vital to recognize some of the reasons that originate the problem, according to Jessica Schainer, clinical psychologist expert in relationships , between them:

1. Lack of motivation. It is the main cause of a boring relationship. It happens when there are no longer any internal or external stimuli that direct the relationship towards any project as a whole.

2. Individual interests. It is possible that one or both of them may take up previous hobbies and interests, or that their personal projects are so different that they do not allow them to build one together.

3. Lack of communication. The absence and lack of attention, even when present, annihilates coexistence. The mutual interests, as well as the emotions and feelings that bind them, must be privileged to re-weld the bond.

4. Lack of details. According to experts of the Eduardo Punset Foundation , over time, couples lose good habits, stop treating well and neglect the details that can keep alive the illusion and passion, which leads to routine and lack of expectations about the other.

5. Faults and resentment. When the resentment comes to our lives, then the doubts about the couple, about the continuity of the same, about our whole life with that other special person, and we begin to blame it for how bad we feel.

Resolving this situation is not so difficult, but it does require effort, as explained Charlote Shoup Olsen, relationship expert at the University of Kansas , "It is necessary to invest at least 15 minutes a day to improve the relationship with your partner, so beating boredom and any other obstacle is a matter of teamwork every day."

In addition, according to the psychologist, the first three years of marriage and seven years of courtship, are the two key periods in which a relationship can face difficulties, so if they manage to move together always forward, they can become a couple solid, stable and with a good coexistence.

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