1. Deodorant

Good hygiene and arrangement personal is essential not only for your health, but also for you to have success in the life. And although it seems logical, there are many men who skip the basic rules.


your appearance You must talk about your successes without mentioning a word. That impeccable appearance has to be evident, from the well-cut hair to the polished shoes and aligned with the rest of the image ", indicates Gabriela Cora , leadership consultant member of the American Psychiatric Foundation .

For you to achieve a personal arrangement impeccable , we share the tools that any man who respects himself should have in his bathroom and room.


1. Deodorant

Most men do not know which one to use, whether deodorant or antiperspirant. But you really have to use a combination, so you make sure you eliminate the bad odor caused by the Sweating and stay dry, indicates Maurice Voce , co-founder of Skin Authority .


2. Rake

Shaving is a habit that you must implement daily, unless you skin be very sensitive, then you need a day of rest. If you do not know how to do it properly, in the next video Álvaro Gordoa of the Public Image School , It teaches you.


3. Skin products

Use creams that help your skin look smooth and clean, look for those that contain antioxidants such as Florentine, ferulic acid and vitamins C, which protect you from UV rays , indicates Natalie Semchyshyn , assistant professor of dermatology at the Saint Louis University .


4. Nail clippers

Long nails harbor bacteria , to avoid diseases and prevent them from burying you, you should cut them. Regarding the subject of the image, Álvaro Gordoa affirms that when you are taken care of they reflect that you are a person careful in all aspects of your life, like at work.


5. Toothbrush

The smile It can be your best weapon for conquering clients and women, however the correct brushing is difficult for many to achieve. The electric toothbrushes use a process of oscillation and rotation so they perform a cleaning correct without you having to worry.

Worldwide, 34% of the male population says it is important to improve their appearance personal. In Mexico 15 million mens they buy Cosmetic products , according to the Mexican Chamber of the Physical Beautification Industry (CAMIEF) .

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