Edible expired foods

About 40% of the food is discarded in the United States because many of these expired foods have not been properly labeled, and people have not been clear about the difference between the expiration date and the preferred consumption. before a certain date.

In accordance with Dana Guners, food scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the United States , explains that many of the expired foods can still be consumable despite the date indicated on the labels.


Edible expired foods

In this sense, different European organisms are studying the possibility of increasing the expiration dates of all the food that can be consumed past the date, both to prevent the waste of them, as well as the food and economic crisis suffered by many countries.

In this regard, Guners explains that some expired foods are perfectly consumable, despite sometimes considered the opposite, including:

1. Chocolate It can last a long time, adds the specialist, but often develops a white layer, known as the "flower", when exposed to air. This occurs when part of the crystalline fat melts and forms on the surface. Only this layer should be removed to be able to ingest it.

2. Yoghurts. Despite the expiration date, while the lid is not inflated, open or the product without refrigeration, these dairy products can be consumable. "It can even last six weeks after its expiration," says the scientist.

3. All processed products to hold more, as can be sausages or frankfurter sausages can be consumed even several weeks after the expiration date, yes, it is recommended that these are consumed cooked.

4. Pasta and rice can last for many years, as can legumes.

5. The canned products they have very high expiration dates, and precisely because of that, they last even longer than indicated, in some cases, after several years, they could still be consumed. Before consuming them, it must be observed that the can or jar does not have bumps or defects.

However, the consumption of any product of fresh meat, fish, and especially eggs is not recommended, since the intake of these products once expired can lead to serious health problems

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