What you did not know about breast cancer!

In Mexico, breast cancer occupies the first place in frequency of tumors malignant in the women.

According to Jaime de la Garza, clinical researcher of the National Institute of Cancerology (INCan) , breast cancer is the leading cause of death in Mexicans older than 25 years.

Despite the figures, it is important to take into account that early detection can extend the life of many women, but what is new that has emerged on the subject?


What you did not know about breast cancer!

New medication The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug to treat breast cancer at an early stage before surgery; It is recommended for patients who have a high risk of metastasis.

A better location. Researchers of the National Institute of Cancerology They detail that in Mexico there is a more accurate method to detect malignant tumors of breast cancer, called PET or PEM. It consists of injecting an easily absorbed glucose for the malignant cell.

Coffee vs breast cancer. An investigation carried out by the University of Lund, in Sweden, suggests that drinking coffee can prevent illness.

Diabetes increases risk of neoplasia. A study of Department of Surgery at the Medical Center of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands , details that patients with this type of disease have a 23% higher risk of suffering from neoplasia.

Exercise. An investigation of the University of Minnesota notes that physical activity changes the way the body handles estrogen, which is one of the triggers of breast cancer.

Work shift. A study from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, reveals that working at night for 30 years doubles the risk of developing breast cancer.

Mammary density Scientists of the University of California, in San Francisco, they explain that women who have dense breast tissue have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Digital mammography. A 3D version of this study already exists, which can detect invasive neoplasia through more detailed images.

Lower hair loss The FDA approved the use of a silicone cap that cools the scalp of patients during chemotherapy; this with the objective that the patients with breast cancer conserve most of their hair.

Do not forget to make a self-scan to detect any bulge or abnormality in your breasts, as well as seeing a doctor once a year for a more in-depth review.

Also, try to lead a healthy lifestyle by reducing the use of tobacco and alcohol, eat a balanced diet and exercise. And you, how do you prevent breast cancer?