Types and causes of hiccups

Its scientific name is singul , but it's better known as hiccup . It is an involuntary (spasm) and repetitive movement of the diaphragm , the muscle which is at the base of the lungs; In addition, it is followed by a rapid closure of the vocal chords , which produces its characteristic sound.

Frequently, the hiccup it starts for no apparent reason and usually disappears after a few minutes; On rare occasions, it can last days, weeks or months. Therefore, here are 4 tips to stop it:

  1. Breathe repetitively inside a paper bag
  2. Drink a glass of cold water
  3. Eat a teaspoon of sugar
  4. Hold your breath

Types and causes of hiccups

Experts point out that there are three types of hiccups:

  1. The acute: It can last minutes or up to 48 hours; it is the most common with 95% of cases
  2. The chronic: It lasts from 48 hours to a month and occurs up to 4% of cases
  3. The intractable: Its duration ranges from one month to years; it is the least frequent with 1% of cases.

I agree with you gastroenterologists of the National Institutes of Health of the United States , there is no certain cause for hiccups. On the other hand, Germán Delgadillo , gastrointestinal surgeon National Medical Center La Raza , foods such as chili, coffee, chocolate, or the condiments of Mexican food often irritate the mucosa of both the esophagus as of stomach . This relaxes the organs and causes the diaphragm stimulate and present the hiccup .

Other causes that generate discomfort are:

  1. Eat too much and fast
  2. To drink alcohol
  3. Metabolic changes like diabetes
  4. Abdominal surgeries
  5. Noxious emanations
  6. A cerebrovascular accident or tumor that affects the brain
  7. Some disease or disorder that irritates the nerves that control the diaphragm (such as pleurisy or pneumonia)

The specialist points out that the singul It is frequent in babies, due to its diet rich in dairy products.


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