1. Wrinkles on the breasts

The climax lasts between three and eight seconds for men, and from 13 to 51 seconds for women, says the psychologist and sociologist Pedro Lucas . The reactions of the body at this time  they range from the release of dopamine by the brain until the emission of large amounts of heat.

Although each person has a unique experience of climax, almost everyone usually experiences changes in breathing, a feeling of warmth, Sweating , body vibrations, altered consciousness and the urge to scream, indicates the Brown University .

But here are some changes in the body which are rare at the time of the climax.


1. Wrinkles on the breasts

A passenger effect that occurs specifically in the aura , and are due to the rapid de-numbing of congestion caused by the fall of excitement , indicates a study of Kinsey Institute .


2. Chills

When experiencing the climax the skin becomes as if it were cold, it happens because of the body change in temperature, the fast blood flow and the rapid beating of the heart, reveals the University of Wisconsin .


3. Abrupt movements

For some men the climax is accompanied by exceeded and strong movements, they happen because the brain loses control over nerve endings explains Michael Woods of the Chippenham Hospital.


4. Spasms in the feet

Because all the energy is concentrated in a genital areas and then it expands through the body, sometimes during the climax can feel spasms or cramps in the feet, indicates the Cleveland Clinic .

The climax It is a very commented experience, but between 10 and 20% of women have never experienced it, compared to only 2% of men. But the body can learn how to reach climax if you work on it, says the sexuality coach Emma Michelle Dixon

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