5 tips to see you more beautiful

We women like to look good. This is a fact. Although for this we have no choice but to go to the beauty salon every so often; buy expensive and numerous products, etc. The problem is that all this requires a good economic investment, but what happens if we are at the end of the month or simply do not have money?

Here we share with you 5 homemade tricks that will allow us to see ourselves more beautiful, even if we do not have a weight. The first thing to remember is that, before any beauty procedure, we must keep in our skin a maximum cleaning. For this, you do not need the cream advertised on television; you just need plenty of water, a mild-neutral soap and a lot of discipline.

1. On many occasions, after a busy day, we have just enough time to get ready before going to that dinner to which we have been invited for weeks, but our face looks tired and opaque. To restore its natural splendor, put into practice this advice that will take a few minutes:

In a container place ice cubes, take a bath, dry your face and introduce the facial wipe for a few seconds on the ice that has already melted a little and place it a few seconds on your face. Repeat it two or three more times, dry your face by hitting it gently with the towel and you will be ready to put on your makeup.

2. It is very important to stop in the makeup during the season cold . It is essential to use a makeup base on the entire face; In addition to its function of unifying the skin tone, it will help protect the face from external aggressions.

3. Instead of resorting to expensive branded masks, learn to take advantage of the ingredients you have in the kitchen. There are many ways to prepare natural masks, for example, one that gives excellent results to nourish the skin of our face is as follows:

Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two egg yolks and two honey, spread it on the face and neck, rinse at 20 minutes with warm water. Another highly recommended natural mask is to mix a spoonful of honey with half a spoonful of olive oil, apply it on the face for 10 minutes and repeat it at least twice a week. The skin it will stay soft and hydrated.

4. In this cold season, do not leave home without the lipstick In the winter the lips suffer a lot so remember to exfoliate them once a week and moisturize them in the morning (before putting on makeup) and at night. To correct and give life to cracked lips, rub them with honey before going to bed, the cracks will disappear in a short time.

5. All women hate dark circles. The good news is that we can correct them without spending a lot of money. Simply, in a container you scratch an unpeeled potato, put some milk and add some crumbs of bread to form a paste; This is placed in two gauzes, one in each eye and let act for 15 minutes. You will get good results.

Remember that resting and sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day is also beneficial to look radiant and natural. If you add to this the consumption of natural water and the practice of exercise, not only will you look more beautiful, but you will be healthy inside and out. Beware!

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