Boost your productivity!

How to be more productive? Know the habits that will lead you to success. Improve your habits and discover how to be more productive. How to be more productive? Find out in this note. Read More

How to be a good leader at 30?

You know how to be a good leader at 30 and have your goals high. Achieve your goals and objectives as a leader if you are already 30 years old. Being 30 years old is the time to know if you are a leader and fulfill your goals. Read More

Gamification, enrich your life

Gamification is a new trend that allows increasing productivity through a series of mechanics through games. Gamification in addition to increasing productivity, has as its main objective to influence the behavior of the subjects as well as motivate customers or those who have access to these tools. It lists a series of benefits related to gamification, which increase productivity and create a more enriching environment, through different game mechanics. Through different mechanics, gamification allows people to work together promoting participation and increasing their productivity, both in companies and at home. Specialists in gamification Read More

Take note!

Discover the top 10 of the best works of 2014 and know the reasons why they are the best works of 2014. Best works of 2014? Check what they are. Read More

Take into account

When we are faced with a new challenge, we have to deliver a results report or work as a team without the availability of some, it can generate some frustration when we can not meet our objective; We are invaded by that negative feeling with feelings of anger because we are unable to achieve it. We could run and send everything to fly, but before thinking about it, we recommend some tips to control your frustration and take back control of things. Read More

Increase your productivity

One study suggests that eating at the desk causes depression and affects productivity. Discover why eating at the desk causes depression. Eating at the desk causes depression and eating out helps productivity. Read More

Which are the most common?

According to the last report of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), in the country 5 million 739 thousand 270 people live with a disability; some of which are the result of an accident at work. Read More

Implement it in your work!

Do not you know how to reduce work stress? Know some techniques to reduce work stress. With these techniques to reduce work stress you will have a better quality of life. Read More

Sometimes you do not even notice it

Job insecurity can make people lose track of who they really are, "you lose your sense of yourself". Nobody is prepared to be fired from their job, because you like it or not what you do, it gives you a certain status or stability both economically and socially. Read More

Learn to recognize the warning signs!

Discover the actions or elements of your work that damage your self-esteem. When you go to work you experience anguish or fatigue, it is possible that something, in the workplace, is harming your health. Prevent your work from damaging your self-esteem. Read More

10 apps for a successful life-work balance

Improve your quality of life by having a work-life balance. Achieve a life-work balance with these apps and improve your quality of life. Do you want to improve your quality of life? Know these applications to achieve a life-work balance. Read More

10 keys to deal with a bad boss

Professional life is full of challenges. Your professional life can be long, do not let a bad boss harm you. There are several actions that can help you have a pleasant professional life. Read More

Take a risk!

Discover why you must be your own boss. Know the benefits of being your own boss, supported by a solid company. Oriflame helps people who want to be their own boss. Read More

10 ways to invest well your Christmas bonus

Seo speech: The Christmas bonus brings gifts for Christmas, but what about health. As part of Christmas gifts, people must include things or activities for our health. The Christmas bonus is a money, which in its largest percentage, is intended for Christmas gifts. Read More

Phrases that should be banned in the office

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Avoid getting fired!

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10 bad habits at work

At some point, almost all of us suffer from a series of bad habits, or bad ones, that prevent us from being better on a personal or professional level, and which are symptoms and factors of a lack of commitment and no overcoming. Read More

10 jobs that make you gain weight

The stress and physical inactivity that some jobs imply make you gain weight. All this depends on the activities you do during the workday, however, there are some jobs that are more likely to gain more kilos. tells you what they are. Read More