Avoid getting fired!

Without realizing it, some people adopt certain habits that can endanger their job, because they give a bad impression to their superiors as lack of responsibility and commitment to the company, if you do it on a daily basis.

In the following video you will learn some bad habits that directly influence your work and avoid putting them into practice to take care of your job:

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Avoid getting fired!

According to information published by Forbes Mexico , the 10 habits that put your job at risk are:

1. Tell lies
2. Negativity
3. Impuntuality
4. Lack of communication
5. Addiction to social networks
6. Bad habits in your body language
7. Lack of attention
8. Isolation and lack of participation
9. Inefficiency and disorganization
10. Talk without thinking or lack of manners

By avoiding this type of habits you will not only avoid being fired, but you can become an exemplary worker that allows you to grow in the company and receive very important opportunities for your professional development. And you, which of these habits do you have?

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