Boost your productivity!

If you are in your work and you feel that time passes very fast, but you do not advance in your work, it is time for you to learn how to be more productive to improve your quality of life and take care of your health.

In accordance with Robert Pozen, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, and Adam Grant, professor of administration at the Wharton School , point out that people productive They usually have the following habits.


Boost your productivity!

1. They forget email. This is one of the biggest obstacles to productivity, because people are overwhelmed to answer each one. The key is to check once or twice per hour.

2. Selective perfectionism. Productive people choose the aspects in which they need to be perfectionists, for example in certain important reports, so as not to waste time on things that are not worthwhile.

3. Forget the goal of being productive. Instead of motivating you, it has the opposite effect, it pressures you.

4. Analyze things. In this way they are more disciplined, reliable, organized and oriented. They think before acting.

5. Pay attention to the work they have done and do not look at the hours that have passed.

6. They use accountability for their benefit .

7. They have a plan for all possible scenarios, either success or failure.

In addition, it is important that you learn to channel your anxiety and stress in a positive way, one way to achieve this is through internal dialogue. So do not hesitate to relax and enjoy all your activities. And you, are you productive?

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