10 bad habits at work

At some point, almost all of us suffer from a series of bad habits , or not recommended, that prevent us from being better on a personal or professional level, and that are symptoms and factors of a lack of commitment and null overcoming .

If you really want to have success in your projects, it is necessary to leave them behind and show a greater degree of commitment with oneself, so that it is feasible personal growth , in accordance with Pablo Ramírez, Life coach, founding member of the Argentine Coaching Federation and president of Coachfield Desarrollo de Potencial SC, Mexico.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present you some of the bad habits in the work that is presented more frequently, so you can identify them and eradicate them, with the aim of promoting your work development :

1. Work with distractions that prevent you from doing your tasks, such as cell phone or ipod (use them all the time).
2. Do not plan, or do poorly, assigned tasks, as well as deliver everything until the deadline of each.
3. Fall into the informal or disrespectful with bosses and colleagues.
4. Impunity or poor attendance.
5. Lack of adaptation or constant discrepancy of opinions.

6. Not knowing how to rest or take breaks between tasks.

7. Want to please everyone or be funny.
8. Personal online activity (facebook, twitter, skype, etc.), chat or answering emails every time.
9. To speak badly of the company or of the companions (gossip).
10. Eat during work hours.

If you present any of them, it is important that you start working to modify these behaviors that restrict your professional development and personal improvement . The ideal is to approach a professional or personal coach for a better orientation.

Start by changing one and making one small change at a time, but in a concrete and precise way. Practice this change until, based on the repetition, it becomes a good habit . In addition, it raises some questions that allow you to know where you are standing, what you want and how to achieve it.

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