10 apps for a successful life-work balance

The current rhythm of life is so fast that few people stop to enjoy some minutes with themselves or perform actions that improve their quality of life; however, technology can help you achieve a successful life-work balance.

According to information published on the portal Business News Daily , the following apps, which you can download from your cell phone, will help you obtain a good quality of life by combining your work experiences with personal ones.

1.- Simply Yoga: This application helps you relax to perform your activities in a pleasant way and reduce stress from the place where you are, you only need from 20 to 60 minutes. It has 60 postures designed by a specialized and certified trainer.

2.- Instapaper: It allows users to save articles and web pages of interest, so they can read them in some free time. To optimize the screen space and speed up reading, present the information in a text format and you can read it even if you are not connected to the internet.

3.- Daily Routine : It is an app designed to keep employees occupied and focused on their daily tasks, which will improve your productivity and save time to enjoy pleasant activities. You can schedule routines for specific days, weeks or months, to send the corresponding alert.

4.- CrunchTime: It is a very effective application to improve your quality of life, because it encourages the balance of personal and work activities. When you achieve a proposed goal, it gives you awards or recognitions. It gives you a description of your time at work, overtime, sleep time, mood statistics, weight and vacation days.

With this application you will know the rhythm that your body faces, to prevent diseases or reduce stress.

5.- All-in Pedometer: This is an application that encourages physical activity, because it tells you the steps you take in a full day, monitors the distance traveled, the time you do it, the speed, pace and the number of calories that are burned. You also get some activities that improve weight loss.

6.- Timer +: This app helps you achieve the imaginable that is to achieve a life-work balance. It is a tool that alerts you when you are spending a lot of time on a single project or resting. It's like a chronometer that takes your time regressively.

7.- Speak to IT Assistant: This virtual assistant is ready to answer questions, search for information and connect with services such as search engines, social networks, maps, images, currency conversion and send emails. You can even choose the appearance of your assistant.

8.- Splashtop Remote Desktop: It offers access to all the files on your computer from your cell phone or tablet. In addition, it can transmit audio and video. With this app you can work from anywhere you are.

9.- NPR / Fox News: This application will allow you to catch up on what happens in your city or in the world. You can customize the information so that you can read the data that most interests you. It offers news updates every hour, it allows you to listen to music.

10.- Measure your quality of life: The tool of Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) It helps you measure your quality of life and offers you advice to improve your health and well-being. Analyze aspects related to performance, comfort, personal relationships, security, happiness and organization of free time. You can download it for free at www.cvidacenter.com.

With the help of these applications available for Apple or Android, you will optimize your time, improve your quality of life, your mood will be more positive and you will enjoy a full happiness that will be reflected in your actions and in the relationship with others. And you, do you know another application that promotes well-being?

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