Choose your ideal size

Check out these tricks so that your false nails look real. With these tricks to make your false nails look real you will save everything they paid in beauty salons. Dare to make yourself a homemade manicure with these tricks so that your false nails look real. Read More

Photodepilation to remove hair

Photodepilation is hair removal by using light that includes two techniques: laser hair removal and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). With the passage of time, the latter, like the laser, offers permanent results, but provides greater benefits such as: Read More

What causes hair loss?

Traction alopecia (caused by a lot of hair tightening) is the third most frequent type of hair loss in young adult and school-age women. One in 10 girls suffers, said doctor José Ángel Suro Reyes, member of the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology (FMD) Read More

10 tips to show off a perfect abdomen

The key is to have a balanced diet, exercise and not eliminate any food. All are important, since they help us metabolize fat better. Therefore, we give you the following tips, to have an enviable abdomen: Read More

10 tips for impeccable hands

These little tips will make your hands look splendid, silky and always beautiful; In addition, they will help you keep your nails healthy and free of infections. 1. After washing your hands remember to always dry your nails correctly. 2. Clean the nails daily, and cut them once a week. In this way their growth is favored and they become harder. Brittle nails are avoided. Read More

4 out of 10 women worry about their neck

The percentage of patients who want to improve the appearance of their neck is 40% of the total number of people who come to the expert for changes in the face, said doctor Rosendo Ayala, plastic surgeon and member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics and Reconstructive (AMCPER) Read More

4 mistakes that you should avoid when exfoliating your skin

The skin requires some care, one of them is exfoliation, but sometimes we incur certain errors. With exfoliation the skin can regenerate but if you do not do it carefully, you can commit with it serious mistakes like irritating your skin. Exfoliate with care and our recommendations will safeguard your skin from mistakes that can cause serious damage to it. Read More

5 tips to eliminate cellulite

It is true that the appearance of cellulitis responds to a circulatory problem; it is more common in women and men; However, there are solutions to eliminate it. Read More

Incarnate hair

Acne appears with different shapes and sizes, and it is logical that your first impulse is to squeeze them out of your skin; however, there are some muds that you should not even touch. Read More

5 effective treatments to prevent hair loss in women

Although hair loss is more common in men, women can also suffer from it due to poor diet, stress, anxiety and excessive use of dyes and dryers, warns the National Library of Medicine. To avoid hair loss you do not need to invest a fortune in expensive treatments, follow our recommendations and show it to its full glory. Let's do it! Read More

For a baby skin ...

Discover what foods help you eliminate wrinkles and look younger. Eat these foods and look younger and wrinkle free. Foods that fight wrinkles and make you look younger. Read More

We tell you what!

What are the factors that generate orzuela. Habits unleash factors that generate orzuela. Avoid the factors that generate orzuela Read More

Eternally beautiful, beautiful ...

If you ask yourself, what can you do to wake up beautiful? We tell you what to do and how to look impeccable to your partner. If you do not know what you can do to wake up beautiful next to the boy you like, there are certain tricks that will leave you very well stop. Do not miss them! If you want to make a mark with the man you like, I tell you what you can do to wake up beautiful. Read More

7 tips so that stress does not damage your skin

Stress is everywhere and in addition to generating feelings like boredom and anger, can damage various organs of our body, as well as the skin. Therefore, we present some of the care you must have daily in this area of ​​the body, to prevent and reverse the factors that most affect it, such as the following: Read More

7 tips for your beauty

Traditional cosmetics are inspired by nature and you can do the same. Sometimes the most fun and effective is to use products that you normally use in the kitchen to enhance your beauty in the bathroom. We present seven products that alone are able to solve many problems. Mix them and they will help you create a wide variety of beauty products in your own kitchen. Read More

Perfect abdomen?

Achieving a flat abdomen is possible, following a series of healthy habits. The flat abdomen can be achieved based on balanced diet and intense exercise. Achieving a flat stomach is not a matter of miraculous remedies. Read More

Red cranberries vs premature aging

The red or American flavors (Vaccinium Macrocarpon), contain more than forty components with antioxidant properties, as well as one of the highest concentrations of anthocyanin, which helps prevent premature aging. Read More

How to reduce the waist

While exercise is key to eliminating the chubby that are in our waist, food plays a very important role, but how to reduce the waist? helps you achieve it. Take note! Read More

Natural cosmetics for a healthy beauty

The use of vegetable ingredients for the production of natural cosmetics favors the results on women's skin. Natural cosmetics with antioxidant complex help prevent premature aging. A healthy diet and the use of natural cosmetics help you obtain better results, discover them! Read More