Ideal stereotactic surgery for patients with Parkinson's

The stereotactic surgery It is ideal to provide a diagnosis quick and timely in cases of Parkinson's disease, cysticercosis, tumors deep. In addition, it has been applied in breast surgeries , of prostate , of spine , orthopedics Y Otorhinolaryngology He pointed out Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

In accordance with Ramiro Antonio Pérez de la Torre doctor Neurosurgery service of the Specialties Hospital of the XXI Century XXI, this surgery is a three-dimensional technique of neurosurgery , which consists in taking some radiographs to identify various types of injuries inside of the brain of people.

The neurosurgeon explained that the procedure has benefited five thousand patients and is carried out in two ways:

  1. With navigator frame: A metallic crown is used on the skull of the patient, in addition to locators that can be identified in tomographies or resonances . With the obtained information a more precise planning is made through images, to draw an exact coordinate system and thus perform the surgical approach with a minimum margin of error.
  2. No browser frame: Plastic stickers are used placed in different parts of the skull , prior to the image procedure. The set of these is passed to the operating room for later use.

The doctor stressed that the main characteristic of stereotactic surgery is that patients stay awake, which allows monitoring some brain functions without damaging it, such as:

  1. Muscle strength
  2. The sensibility
  3. He speaks

The following video explains what the stereotactic surgery .

The new technology guarantees shorter procedures compared to an open surgery, not only in time in the use of the operating room, but in hospital stay. In addition, a more elaborate treatment can be implemented, with the use of other techniques such as radiotherapy Y chemotherapy , among others.