First aid


Not all heroes wear capes, was the phrase with which hundreds of Mexicans in social networks referred to pay tribute to the rescue dogs, heroes on all fours who gave us a light of hope and managed to save dozens of lives. We love them and they will remain in our memory! Frida Read More

But how are these types of dogs trained?

Rescue dogs are also heroes, being part of the work of removal, search and rescue of victims after an earthquake. An example of them is Frida, the well-known labrador bitch of the Secretariat of the Navy, who has played a heroic role after the earthquake on Tuesday, September 19 in central Mexico. But how are these types of dogs trained? Read More

Warning symptoms:

When a panic attack hits you, you experience an untimely sense of alertness, terror or intense discomfort, triggered by a threatening situation. The problem is that in most cases we do not know how to identify a panic attack, or how to act or support a third party, when we see that you are suffering from one. Learn how to act and the signs of a heart attack according to Mayo Clinic. Read More

Collective stress

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mood disorder that arises from a stressful and violent event like natural disasters. It can happen immediately after the event that caused it, and remain months or even years later, causing physical and mental damage. Collective stress Read More

This illustration that portrays Mexico has already been around the world

A Winged Victory (Angel of Independence), a peasant, a worker, a housewife, young people and brigadistas that together, united and organized in a row carry out the removal of debris in a disaster area, are part of the cardboard with which Víctor Solís, Excélsior's collaborating caricaturist, reflected the Mexican identity: La Solidaridad in times of crisis, the support given to the victims during the earthquake. The cardboard that Solís drew for the editorial pages of Excelsior was the image of Mexicans that is better It's worth portraying. Read More

In addition to this measure, the Civil Protection Secretariat recommends:

After the earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter scale, which took place last Tuesday, September 19 and shook the center of Mexico, people have been asked not to smoke, or turn on any fire source such as matches, lighters, candles or stoves. As a result of the collapsed buildings, some streets were permeated by a strong smell of gas, which alerted the citizens. Read More

'When the earth moved', a book that helps children understand a tremor

MEXICO CITY. On Tuesday, September 19, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City, Puebla and Morelos, which took the population by surprise, especially children, whose age was perhaps the first earthquake they felt. Although the simulation was practiced a few hours earlier in schools and offices, it is important to explain to the children what happened and help post-traumatic stress caused by the earthquake. Read More

Solidarity does not need convocation

Just as 33 years ago the earthquake of September 19, 1985 left us marked as a society, the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, 2017 left us important lessons that should remain in our culture of prevention to avoid new tragedies. Solidarity does not need convoking A lesson that we have clear since the tremor of 1985 is the solidarity that we are capable of and that last year was once again present. Read More

The teacher who saved the lives of 45 children

The story of Master Claudia Ortiz has moved both people and strangers in these tragic days. The instinct of protection of the educator helped her to save her 45 students, little preschool children who were in her charge during the earthquake of this September 19. According to several media, ten minutes before the real earthquake, the simulation had been completed for the 32 years of the 1985 earthquake. Read More

Happy people feel healthier, even if they are sick

How many of us look for happiness as if it were a hidden treasure. Some overflow to unleash worldly pleasures, others to cultivate their spirit, but happiness is closer than you think, is achieved through good deeds. Yes, it is scientifically proven that being solidary produces happiness. "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" Mahatma Gahndi Read More

Ay, ay, ay, ay, sing and do not cry

We Mexicans use music to make catharsis in the middle of the tragedy, proof of this is that, spontaneously, dozens of people used the Cielito Lindo and the National Anthem to show union, hope and solidarity after the earthquake that shook us. September in several states of the Mexican Republic. Read More

Diana, rescued thanks to a message from WhatsApp

As 32 years ago, this tremor also left us with stories that make us believe that, beyond medical advances and technology, there is "something else" that keeps us standing. Real facts of people who were rescued when it seemed that there was no opportunity, lives that were saved thanks to what many of us could say ... miracles exist. Read More

The risks of drinking water after the earthquake

Did you know that drinking contaminated water after an earthquake is extremely risky? Just as water is a source of life, it is also a source of disease. The use of contaminated water for direct consumption or in the preparation of food seriously compromises health. This was learned by the Mexicans who lived through the 1985 earthquake due to the rupture of pipes in the drinking water supply and drainage systems. What to do? Health authorities alert the population to take the following measures: Read More

From all over the world

Countries like Germany, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Israel, Switzerland, the United States and more, have sent experts and equipment to help in rescue work. Read More

So he advises:

Our country is located in a seismic zone, an example of this was the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck last Tuesday, September 19, in the central zone of Mexico. For this reason, the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) launched its catastrophe care plan and launched a line of measures that can be followed by those whose homes or insured cars have been damaged as a result of the earthquake. So he advises: Read More

Emergency medical support

After the earthquake, dozens of volunteers, companies, professionals and doctors have turned to offer disinterested help. This is a count of the free services that are available to affected people, rescuers and even pets. Emergency medical support Public and private hospitals opened their doors to anyone who needs medical attention Read More

First aid for electric shock

Accidents can happen at any time and in any place. Although some can be avoided, there are others that are inevitable. This is the case when someone accidentally touches a defective electrical device that causes a shock. Read More

Prevent fires in the home

How many times have we witnessed tragic stories related to a fire at home? In less than we imagine, a spark can change the life of a whole family. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States (FEMA), during the day, most home fires occur in the kitchen while food is being prepared. Since there is usually a person present, they are often extinguished without further damage. Read More

What to do in case of a snake bite

Like humans, snakes tend to be more active during the summer. Each year, about 8 thousand people are bitten by poisonous snakes. Even the bites of non-poisonous snakes can cause allergic reactions in some people. When this happens, it is important to know what to do. In case of a snake bite Read More