Something from beyond?

For many it is classified as foreboding, others describe it as a set of sensations that warns of dangers, but how much is true in the famous "Sixth Sense", and it really exists and can influence our life.

According to an investigation of the University of Melbourne, in Australia , the mind Human notes changes in its environment even when it can not specify exactly what those alterations consist of; so it puts on alert all the senses, which shows that the sixth sense does not exist.


Something from beyond?

Published in the magazine Plos One, The research was attended by ten volunteers who observed two photos of the same female face on a black background. Through 104 tests to each participant, the experts discovered that the mind is able to distinguish the changes without the need to put to games all the senses: ear, touch, taste ...

For Piers Howe, leader of the research, attributes this capacity to the fact that the brain receives a lot of visual statistics: perceives the existence of a change, but is too loaded to process the information and specify the nature of this change. Insists that none of this is related to the call Sixth Sense.

However, another study by scientists from the Washington University of St. Louis indicates that the sixth sense exists and is located in the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain, in a region between the two hemispheres.

This zone acts as an alarm system that warns when something is not right or when one of our actions can compromise our lives. It is a circuit that gives information to adjust the direction of our behaviors and make us guard against the dangers.

Video Medicine: Something Beyond (November 2022).