How can we help overcome these symptoms?

Traumatic events are those that occur in a sudden and massive way, generating chaos, anguish and confusion and being threatening to the physical and psychological integrity of oneself or of others. The psychoanalyst Claudia Rodríguez Acosta, explains that not always the symptoms of post-traumatic stress are noticed immediately, sometimes they appear after the initial shock has passed. Symptoms include: Read More

Large families get sick more

Is having many children bad? Having many children can be the cause of several viral diseases, says a study. Find out what might be happening in your family if you have many children. Read More

The case of children, not so children

Children gain weight on vacations because they consume more sugary drinks and do little exercise, when children are on holiday they gain weight as they watch more television and consume more sugar. When children are on holiday they gain weight because they consume less vegetables. Read More

What can be done?

Impulsivity is part of the infant's personality. Impulsivity can generate a certain inability to learn. Impulsivity prevents the person from interacting with other individuals. Read More

Envy break affection between brothers

What are left over are the arguments that explain the distance or lack of communication between brothers. From small differences can be presented by excess or lack of affection on the part of the parents, by jealousy or by the place they occupy within the family; but if these problems are not solved properly, it will bring as a consequence that when a person grows, they move away from one or the rest of the brothers. Read More

Reduces the odds of postpartum depression

One of the most common symptoms after giving birth is sadness or depression, hormones are 'skin-deep' and it is very easy to have sudden mood swings, so that this does not happen to you, we tell you how to reduce the odds of suffering postpartum depression. Read More

1. You value your parents

There are several life lessons that parents learn during the upbringing of their children, the life lessons that parents learn over time, are aimed at the motivation and protection they feel for them. Read More

3 strategies to raise your self-esteem

With these strategies it is possible to help your children build their safety and raise their self-esteem. Love is essential for a child to raise their self-esteem, in addition to their own confidence. Raising self-esteem allows a child to function in a better way, socially. Read More

Myths and realities of being a father

Discover how to be a good father by removing the myths that exist about fatherhood. Learn about the myths and realities of being a father. How to be a good father? Take off your fears and enjoy this stage with your partner. Read More

5 gifts for dad

Although every day you must show your love and admiration to your father, there are always special days where you can live with him and give him something special to help him relax, get fit or have fun as in his youth, of course, by your side Therefore, GetQoralHealth presents five gifts for dad: Read More

5 tips improve the relationship with your mom

It is very important to have a good relationship with your mother, as this strengthens the emotional bonds and improves the emotional health of the family. The first point that must be understood to heal the mother-child relationship is that being a mother is not an easy task and you should not judge them lightly if you have made mistakes. To improve your relationship, gives you the following recommendations. Read More

5 tips for the professional mom

Making the decision to be a mother or a professional should not be exclusive, because both activities can be combined perfectly, it's just a matter of having a correct organization of your activities, said psychologist Luz María Huerta, from the Assistance Clinic Patients of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM). To be successful in this beautiful and grandiose odyssey, and psychologist Maria Huerta gives you the following 5 tips: Read More

Follow his advice and improve your quality of life!

What things do you learn with your mom? In addition to the love they give us, they prepare us for life. Find out what things you learn with your mom and share them with your family. Become an excellent human being with the things you learn with your mom. Read More

7 tips against childhood smoking

According to the Youth Tobacco Survey, conducted by the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) in 2008, in Mexico, two out of every 10 smokers started this habit from childhood, which is encouraged by the easy access of children and teenagers to the cigar. Therefore, it is important to create actions against smoking. Read More

Family activities for the weekend

Family activities are very important to achieve union and communication among its members. In these times in which the coexistence between parents and children is lost more and more, we must pause and make some changes to spend time together; There are many options to achieve it (outdoors or at home). Read More

What emotions do you experience?

Did you know that asthma is more common in children of divorced parents? Know the reasons why asthma is more common in children of divorced parents. Find out why it is more common in children of divorced parents. Read More

Dad, mom, I want a dog!

The benefits of having a pet for your children is that they develop a sense of responsibility. Encourage yourself to have a dog, know the benefits of having a pet for your children. Animals like the dog are the best option, know the benefits of having a pet for your children. Read More