12 tips before using homeopathic remedies

If you are considering undergoing a homeopathic treatment, there are several aspects that you have to take into account before entrusting your health to a specialist in the field. This does not mean that homeopathic medicine is something that could endanger your life or your physical integrity. This is a very safe way to treat certain diseases and to get the most effective results, you have to take some precautions. What to do and what not to do in the use of homeopathic treatments Read More

Some advantages of the use of homeopathy

The reason why homeopathy has become widely accepted stems from the fact that it operates with principles contrary to conventional medicines. Many people have realized that certain disciplines such as homeopathy offer an alternative, especially when common treatments do not provide an effective cure for certain diseases. Here are other advantages offered. It is considered safe Read More

Some basic principles of homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on fundamental principles to develop resources aimed at the treatment of a variety of diseases. These principles make your practice an alternative treatment. These are some of its basic principles. Law of like Read More

Becoming a homeopathic doctor

There are different reasons why people decide to become a homeopath. On the one hand, homeopathy is about how to restore the balance of the body, improving the immune system and health through the use of natural medicines. Those who have experienced its benefits may have the intention of learning homeopathic therapies to share the medical system that changed their lives. Read More

Behind Philosophy in homeopathy

According to homeopaths, a person who is exposed to a stressor will reach a state in which he will adopt this agent in his daily life. This position can help the person survive a tough test. Homeopathy considers that those who adapt to their environment are the healthiest. Read More

Homeopathy in the treatment of children with ADHD

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of the most common mental conditions that develop in children and it is a deterioration of social functioning in various areas. In the United States, there are about 2 million children with ADHD. If your child has this condition, you may want to consider homeopathy as a treatment method. Read More

Homeopathy as a medical alternative

Homeopathic medicine is an alternative medical system that aims to promote the body's capacity for self-healing. He is stimulated to heal himself through very low doses of highly diluted natural substances. More commonly known as homeopathy, the term comes from the Greek words homeo and pathos, which mean similar and disease, respectively. This method was developed by Samuel Christian Hahnemann, a German physician. Read More

Holosynthesis reduces stress and anxiety

Holosynthesis is a vibrational therapeutic system based on designs of images of elements of nature. Use kinesiology and radiesthesia as tools to obtain a specific and appropriate treatment for each person or situation. Read More

Alternative homeopathy for weight loss

Overweight and obesity are among the most common health problems in Mexico. A large number of Mexicans die each year due to problems related to weight and unhealthy eating habits. The number of Mexicans suffering from obesity is increasing, which is why it has become a serious problem. Read More

The key moment

The German chemist and doctor, Samuel Hahnemann has the credit of having created this alternative of conventional medicine. More than 200 years ago, Dr. Hahnemann developed the system we now know as homeopathy. In 1779, he finished his medical studies and began performing his homeopathic experiments, 11 years later, with a human focus in mind, due to his disenchantment with some aspects of traditional medicine, such as the use of toxic substances and the blood transfusion, led him to develop an alternative way to treat various diseases. Read More

Homeopathy not only cares for human beings

Pets are not just animals that one has at home. They play an important role in family relationships and are treated as part of the dynamics of the whole family. The fact that pets can get sick is something that always worries their owners. Nowadays, veterinarians are using most of the chemical treatments to cure pets. However, alternative medication has been recognized, such is the case of homeopathy. Read More

Alternative medicinal homeopathy that gains adherents

Who was going to say that the son of an impoverished family of porcelain painters from eastern Germany would be the founder of homeopathic medicine? Homeopathy was born 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a man disillusioned with the academic medicine of his time characterized by bleeding, purging and high doses of drugs with strong side effects, and fervent believer in healthy diets, exercises and the low doses of medications. Read More

Homeopathy for older adults and its benefits

With age, our bodies become weaker. The immune system begins to weaken and degeneration of the body occurs. Older people often have limitations in their total body function. With homeopathy, the general health condition of an elderly person could improve and even treat conditions associated with aging. Alzheimer disease Read More

Homeopathy, an alternative for minors

Homeopathy is known to be a gentle and effective way to cure diseases. Naturally, it is considered safe for children, babies, the elderly and even for pregnant women. Homeopathy works according to the principle of the Law of peers. According to this principle, the same thing that causes the disease also has the cure. The body is gradually exposed to the substances that cause it, stimulating the body's immune system, which decreases the risk of these diseases occurring. Read More

IPN presents treatment for the restoration of health

In the framework of the Seminar on the Application of Physiological Medicine for Regulation (MFR) in Gastrointestinal Pains and Pain Medicine, the scientific director of the International Academy of Physiological Medicine for Regulation, Alessandro Perra, presented the community of the National School of Medicine and Homeopathy (ENMH) of the National Polytechnic Institute a treatment that adds to the Read More

The search for a specialist in Homeopathy

What does a homeopath do? He is a trained doctor to treat people through homeopathy. This doctor asks patients many questions about symptoms, bowel movements, sleep patterns and emotional state. Then, use the answers as a basis for prescribing a medication that will cure a certain disease. Read More

Limitations and risks of homeopathy

Since its creation, homeopathy has become one of the most popular alternative medicines. Homeopathy works according to the principle "Law of the like", which means simply that what causes the disease could also be the source of the cure. Homeopathic patients are exposed to substances that create or mimic the symptoms of the disease. Over time, it would happen that it would strengthen the patient's immune system. Read More

Homeopathic methods that help you lose weight

Many people seek in homeopathy the solution to lose weight, although this technique is usually effective, it is not a panacea for what the patient must collaborate by changing harmful lifestyle habits for healthier ones. Homeopathic therapy tries to heal the body using very diluted substances, its pillars are experimentation in humans, use of simile and very small, infinitesimal doses. Homeopathy to lose weight focuses on three ideas that are fundamental: Read More