7 tips for your beauty

The cosmetic Traditional is inspired by nature and you can do the same. Sometimes the most fun and effective is to use products that you normally use in the kitchen to enhance your beauty in the bathroom.

We present seven products that alone are able to solve many problems. Mix them and they will help you create a wide variety of products from beauty in your own kitchen.

1. Olive oil . Ideal to moisturize and nourish both your skin like you hair . Also try applying a little oil on your eyelashes to make them grow stronger.

2. Egg . Both yolk and white are indispensable ingredients in your recipes beauty . The yolk contains fats , proteins Y vitamins that nourish and maintain the natural hydration of the skin while the clear contains vitamins B .

3. Aloe Vera . Its juice is excellent for hydrating and disinfecting skin , both daily and after epilating. It also has a great effect anti-inflammatory .

4. Lemon or lemon juice . Because of its capacity astringent It helps to control the pimples but you can also use it to lighten your hair. But for its acidity, it is better to use it in well-measured doses. It also works to tone the skin of the breasts. If you apply the lemon juice directly on the spots of nicotine and rub with a cotton, you will also reduce them. It also works with the stains by age.

5. Honey . Softens the skin while regenerating it. It can also help strengthen your hair. Try using it to minimize your dark circles by making an infusion of honey and applying it with a cotton ball.

6. Apple cider vinegar Returns the shine to your hair when you use it for a final rinse. Diluted in water also serves as an excellent tonic for skin .

7. Natural yogurt . Very useful to make a mask quick that cleans and reinforces the defenses of the skin .

Remember that one of the most effective ways to highlight your beauty is through a healthy diet and physical activity ; that is, with healthy habits in your life.

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