Natural cosmetics for a healthy beauty

Makeup is a key tool in the lives of many women, who give a special meaning to their daily use.


However, there is a big difference between the cosmetics natural and synthetics, since certain ingredients can be harmful to women's health. Take care of your health and know more.


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Natural cosmetics


In accordance with Research Center in Biomolecules, Cibimo l, there are endless cosmetics Synthetics in the market which cause harm to health, and can be found in products such as:


Masks, facial cleansers, shampoos and soaps; Some of these products contain artificial ingredients. Although they are not toxic they do eliminate the skin's natural protector, making it more receptive to toxic substances.


In the same way there are mineral oils or substances derived from petroleum that the cosmetic industry uses as antibacterial agents, which have carcinogenic components.


Benefits of natural cosmetics


Through the use of a great technological innovation, different companies have made use of nature for the elaboration of cosmetics natural : a combination of vegetable ingredients, high performance polymers, optical diffusers and active treatment and prevention.


The cosmetic company Natura has created the line of natural cosmetics "UNA" with complex antioxidant , which through a mixture of assets contribute to prevent aging premature.


Other benefits


• Help to care for and protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.


• Products with Elastinol + R stimulate cell renewal, which helps to improve firmness and elasticity, as well as increasing skin densification.


• Through the use of plant ingredients with low environmental impact and technology, the efficacy results are superior.


The Healthy Living Association, responsible for the promotion of organic products for the benefit of the environment, stresses the importance of complementing the use of natural cosmetics with healthy habits so that "the expected results can be seen".


The use of cosmetics natural in the long term it gives better results for women's health. What kind of cosmetics do you use?

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