5 signs of bipolar disorder

Affective and mood disorders are often difficult to identify because of the great variety that exists. However, health.com publishes with the help of the psychiatry professor Carrie Bearden, 5 signs that could be an indicator that you suffer from a bipolar disorder. Hypomania If you have episodes characterized by being very good and then low to be bad near mania or depression, you could have a bipolar disorder. Read More

Alcohorexia is a fashionable eating disorder

Alcohorexia, a very fashionable eating disorder among women under 30 that combines anorexia with alcoholism, consists in stopping eating in order to drink alcohol and not gain weight. According to information published by the excelsior.com.mx, young people who fall into this behavior try to compensate for the lack of food with the caloric intake generated by the consumption of alcohol. When they can not stand hunger, they eat and then vomit before they drink alcohol again. This disorder, which is sometimes accompanied by bulimia, can have various consequences such as difficulty concentrating, anemia, damage to vital organs, chronic diseases a Read More

Psychological causes of anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder derived from a deep obsession with body image, being thin and the fear of gaining weight. Adolescents who suffer from anorexia are constantly concerned about the amount of calories consumed during the day and how much they have the few foods they eat. In some cases they take pills, laxatives and derivatives to try to lose weight. They can also be exercised in excess. Read More

Cluster headache or migrainous neuralgia

Also known as migrainous, Horton or Cluster neuralgia, this pain affects one side of the head and can cause tearing and nasal congestion. Scientists do not know exactly what causes cluster headaches (CR), but it seems that something has to do with the sudden release of histamine or serotonin by the body. Read More

Compulsive buyers, how to treat their addiction

It is not just about spending for spending. The impulse goes beyond. It is an unreflective and irrepressible act. The experts of the Center for Therapeutic Assistance of Barcelona (CAT) say that it is an excessive, uncontrolled and recurrent desire that we later regret, because we buy unhelpful things or spend more than we can. Read More

Attack as a team

Have you imagined how a patient with anorexia recovers? Understanding that you have to taste food is one of the steps to understanding how an anorexic patient recovers. You, do you know how a patient with anorexia recovers? Read More

When eating habits affect daily life

The compulsive eater syndrome is defined by consuming a large amount of food, without having any control over what is eaten and is done relatively quickly. According to data from Comedores Compulsivos in Mexico, it is considered a disease that takes over the will of the person, eating habits begin to be destructive and cause havoc in their daily lives. The person develops an obsession with food and is usually characterized by the following actions: Read More

Winter depression is treated with light therapy

During the change of seasons, some people may experience significant changes in mood. They may begin to sleep a lot, have low energy, crave eating sweet or salty foods, or may even feel depressed. This condition is called Seasonal or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read More

Demi Lovato enters rehabilitation center

Demi Lovato, the teenage singer who would open the concerts of the tour of the Jonas Brothers has decided to stop her tour with the 3 vocalists to go into a treatment to improve their physical and emotional problems, her representative told the US press. Read More

Damage caused by Alzheimer's starts being young

There is evidence showing that changes in myelin in some young people may increase the risk of suffering from Alzheimer's disease, so experts suggest starting research to look for early symptoms of the neuronal process, the newspaper said. Read More

Emotional costs of cancer

Psycho-oncology focuses on research in various ways to cope with an oncological disease, the factors that influence it and psychotherapeutic strategies that are useful to improve the quality of life. However, there is very little information disseminated on this subject, according to the publication of the study "Resilience oncology, case study: adolescents, resilience and death". Read More

Eating disorders indicate mental problems

In one of the longest studies of its kind, it was revealed that binge eating, or compulsive eating, is the most prevalent disorder among young people, followed by bulimia and anorexia, the newspaper reports. Read More

Diego Fernández with possible Stockholm syndrome

Isabel Miranda de Wallace stated that Diego Fernández de Ceballos could be presenting symptoms of the Stockholm Syndrome after the recent return after his kidnapping, the newspaper Reforma reports. "The problem is that we are getting used to mistreating our hostages and we still thank them for returning them to us, I do believe that this can undoubtedly be part of the 'Stockholm Syndrome'," Wallace said. Read More

Eradicate sexist ideals in the media

Mexico DF. (CIMAC) .- Adolescent women, who undergo restrictive diets, have 18 times more risk of suffering from bulimia or anorexia, eating disorders that are related to the identification of advertising models that promote the "cult of hyper thinness", reveal research the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Read More