Super Bowl advertising hurts your health

The economic spill that leaves the Super Bowl It is well known, and the half-time announcements, highly anticipated. But can the advertising have a negative effect at our Health ? Studies indicate that it is possible.

"Studies show that if you see a commercial of a certain product, and for the first time you try it, you like it more than if you had not seen the commercial "says Jennfier Harris , doctor and director of marketing initiatives at Yale University, in the United States. "They are really shaping our preferences, as well as triggering our desire to eat more ", Indicates the specialist.

The excess of snacks it has adverse effects on people's health, but the commercials message seems to indicate that it can make you see more attractive , although we know that in reality, if you drink a lot of beer you will not be surrounded by women.

The problem is that the message works in a subconscious level , points Frederick J. Zimmernamn , doctor and professor of economics at the University of Los Angeles, UCLA.

Research indicates that television commercials They can boost the desire to eat more. Advertising triggers an automatic response to make you eat. Harris has tried several experiments with groups of young adults, where after watching programs with junk food ads Associated with the idea "fun" and "exciting", people ate more than those who saw other types of ads.

"The food (during the Superbowl) is a reflection of what people do throughout the year, it is not an isolated event, "says the Dr. Jonathan Whiteson , doctor and director of the pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation medical center of the Langdone University New York.

Source: The Huffington Post

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