What causes hair loss?

The alopecia by traction (caused by a lot of hair tightening), occupies the third place of frequency in the types of hair loss in young adult women and school-age women. One in 10 girls suffers, says the doctor José Ángel Suro Reyes , member of the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology (FMD)

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the expert points out that in Mexico it is common for women to collect their hair by weaving tight braids or "horsetails", which generates inflammatory problems in the hair root or in the hair follicle, known as Folliculitis , causing skin pain, commented the dermatologist.

The word alopecia it means absence of hair. The traction alopecia it is then defined as the loss temporarily or permanently and secondary to the tension of the hair, that is to say, hair ceases to exist due to the shape of the hairstyle, depending on the place where the traction is exerted or force to hold it. This condition is considered as a socio-cultural cosmetic.

For example, when visiting the beach, there is a strong influence that came from Africa to comb, both men and women, African-American style: comb the hair into small tight tresses arranged in strings or making geometric figures, causes multiple areas of traction alopecia .


What causes hair loss?

The also known alopecia of the chongo, It occurs on the scalp of the nape region as a result of collecting the hair in a knot on the back of the head commonly called "chorse wave " .

Other causes of traction alopecia They are the use of extensions or tight objects in the head for many years, such as caps, motorcycle helmet, bandanas, suspenders, among others.

The treatment for this type ofalopecia In the early stages it consists of avoiding the hairstyle as a tension, followed by the use of topical antibiotics and systemic in necessary cases and under the supervision of the doctor. For those patients in whom a alopecia , The replacement of follicular units is the best option, that is, the hair transplant.

Therefore, the doctor Suro Reyes invites the population to change this habit and inform parents, through the educational systems of preschool and primary school age, so that through them they include in the school regulation the way to comb their daughters by picking their hair without damage it

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