Top 10 countries with the most polluted water

The quality of the drinking water is a matter of global concern, because of its damage to the Health since it is a risk factor of infections . According to the UN , 3.1%, that is, 2.2 million people they die because of the consumption of unhealthy water The lack of health infrastructures in countries with contaminated water is the main problem.

We can not think of a healthy life without daily water consumption, but have you ever wondered: How good is the water you drink? According to the world ranking of the UNESCO, in which the water quality of 122 countries is analyzed, these are the ones that have the worst conditions.

1. Belgium . European country that occupies the last place in the ranking. Although in general it offers a good quality of life , its groundwater contaminated with industrial waste and negligence in its treatment and purification earned it the first place, the report clarifies.

2. Morocco . It is found on the African continent but its culture It is closer to the Arab world. It is a country with an intense demand for vital liquid that due to its scarcity and low quality usually has a high cost. Given this, the tips for tourists who visit it, is that although it is expensive, always get industrialized water Y sealed

3. India . More than 700 million Hindus, almost two thirds of its population lack adequate health services. Due in large part to the lack of drinking water. Every year in this country 2.1 million children under the age of five die in accordance with the UN, mainly due to diseases caused by water.

4. Jordan . It is located in the Middle East, one of the regions most affected by the shortage of water, coupled with the lack of infrastructure for water treatment offers little and poor quality.

5. Sudan It is an African country affected by internal conflicts, shortage of rain and poor infrastructure for water purification.

6. Nigeria. The statistics of UNICEF indicate that in this country is registered around12% of all the deaths of children under the age of five in the world, many of them linked to water conditions ; However, in recent years the Nigerian government has promoted projects for water sanitation.

7. Burkina Faso. According to World Health Organization (WHO), this country belonging to subsarian Africa is one of those that has made the most progress in recent years, managing to leave the last 3 places in the ranking.

8. Burundi. Seven of every ten inhabitant of this country do not have drinking water; however, the little water for human consumption has improved its quality in recent years.

9. Central African Republic . In order to alleviate the shortage of drinking water in the Central African Republic, the International Committee of Geneva managed the supply of 200 tons of products for water treatment. These efforts plan to sustain themselves until the country is removed from the water tragedy .

10. Rwanda It is one of the countries that have advanced the most in the fight for water, recently, with the help of the UN one was created hydropower plant which supplies Water Y electricity .

Mexico it is in the place 106 of the 122 countries analyzed which places it in the lowest rank. About 5 thousand deaths a year are attributed to contaminated water consumption in the country, mainly affecting the children population .

At the other end you will find Finland as the country with the best water quality followed by Glen Y New Zealand . According to him UN Program for Water There are three fundamental solutions for the problem of countries with contaminated water: prevention, treatment of water and restoration of ecosystems.

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