Landscapes that alter life

It is officially here that time of year when the leaves fall and the landscapes turn brown, everything is beautiful. But it also brings with it characteristics that affect your Lifestyle , some for good and others for bad: Do you know how the autumn change your habits ?

Beginning with the basics, researchers from the Harvard Medical School affirm that even when one is strongly motivated, the adoption of a habit healthy, or break up with an old one that is bad, it can be terribly hard .


Experts who study behavior change agree that it is more likely to be lasting if the person is motivated and positioned in positive thinking, "they say.


Landscapes that alter life

But for more reasons positive you have, in the autumn begins a characteristic phenomenon of winter: the Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) , a kind of depression , which presents symptom that alter your habits healthy and general lifestyle.

1. Eat more. Barrie Wolf-Radbille , nutritionist member of the American Dietetic Association , explains that as soon as the temperature low, the appetite increase the intake of calories , by the craving for foods rich in carbohydrates , dishes that make us feel more warm.

2. You have less desire to exercise. Information from the American Academy of Family Physicians , indicates that some of the symptom of the APR are the fatigue and the fall in the level of Energy . So during the autumn you are more likely to want to stay in bed instead of doing exercise .

3. You avoid socialization. The autumn and this disorder also bring with it a lack of interest in normal activities and Social isolation , says an article of the American Psychiatric Association . If your habits normal are going out to eat with your friends, this can alter them.

4. Impact on your joy. Data from Royal College of Psychiatrists (RC Psych) indicate that people with SAD are usually irritable , are unable to enjoy life and suffer sadness .

That way, if for you it's a habit to be always happy and smiling, this definitely causes a change.

5. Alter your dream. While in a depression non-seasonal it is common for people sleep less, in the APR, people usually do it for more hours, says RC Psych. Maybe this refers you to the hibernation of animals, but it is something that also affects humans.

Although a large part of the population usually suffers from seasonal affective disorder It does not mean that it is your case. But since the characteristics of autumn are very clear, it is important that you pay attention to avoid that your habits normal, and healthy, are altered.

The recommendations so you can enjoy a great autumn is that you continue with your diet healthy, do not abandon the exercise (the cold will help burn more calories ) and that in case of any anomaly you go to your doctor for a review.

And you, how do you think autumn changes your habits?

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