Leave the past and continue

Excessive work, the demands of the family or external problems, can make your days feel disastrous and fall into moods negative But having on hand tips to overcome a difficult week, can change the landscape radically.

Gathering with the people that make you happy, will help vs stress. Courtesy: Gettyimages

According to a study conducted by Laura Kubzansky , researcher of the Harvard School of Public Health , the people who have more emotional strength they have 20% less risk of suffering heart disease , compared to those who are more "weak" with their emotions .


Leave the past and continue

So that, despite the situations that are not in your control, you have a way to move forward, we share the tips to overcome a difficult week of Gina DeLapa , associate professor in the University of San Diego and author of the series of books "Stuff You Already Know" .

1. Breathe. It seems common, but do you do it conscientiously? When you do it, two things happen: you calm down and stop talking. In the same way you detain reflect about your thoughts , which can help you forget those that are negative.

2. Take advantage. When some important matter is canceled from your calendar, think about if it is necessary that you reprogrames for another occasion, often that can not be done. It is also a good idea to use that time that was left free to "catch your breath".

3. Avoid falling apart in others. Keeping with your commitments is the way you have to keep the trust Y credibility , with you, with the people you work and love. It will also help you grow and have better management of the crisis .

4. Move. You have to get up from the chair, walk and stretch to be able to feel and think better. When there is a problem, the anguish It can prevent you from finding the solution.

5. End time. If you have meetings or tasks that seem endless to you and in which you are really no longer lending Attention , you waste time uselessly. The best thing is that the assignments for a better time, will be less heavy.

6. Do good deeds. Not to get recognition, but because you have something good to give. DeLapa ensures that the Good actions they do the same or more good for you, as for the person who receives them.

7. Look for a laugh. Nothing better than laughing to relieve anxiety or tension, call your best friend and talk about the experiences of the happy , you will see that at the end you will feel much better.

8. Change what bothers you. In the middle of a stressful situation, try asking yourself how you can see otherwise what happens to you. Often the stress It is not generated by what has happened, but by what you think happened and that blocks you.

9. Do not forget about you. You do not need to do something complicated, indulge in your favorite pajamas and enjoy your bed at the end of a heavy day, you can accompany the moment with your best drink and rest .

10. Thanks. Every day is a good opportunity to start, especially if you think that not everyone has that luck. Take a few minutes to assess all the good things you have and appreciate it, think about what makes you happy will revive your spirit.

As you will have noticed all these tips To overcome a difficult week, you can apply them at the most convenient time, the important thing is that you achieve with each of them to find the cheer up to continue your way. You, do you have any formula?