The day becomes eternal!

Sometimes the simple act of getting out of bed and attending your daily activities can be a difficult effort to achieve; but how do you discover that you suffer from fatigue or mental fatigue ?

According to a study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology, mental fatigue can influence important actions for our health; example, exercise, as it does not affect performance cardiac or muscle but the perception of the effort to be made, the magnificent, and therefore increases our indecision and lack of encouragement to carry out.

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The day becomes eternal!

The mental fatigue It can occur for different reasons: stress, excess labor, nerves ... However, what are their symptoms. Here we present some of them.

1. Hunger all the time. An investigation presented in the Society for the Study of Intake Behavior , revealed that the fatigue It can cause hunger all day, since it is spared in sleep which increases the levels of a hormone called ghrelin, which produces hunger.

2. You lose control of your emotions. According to a study conducted by the expert Matthew Walker , a fatigued brain It is 60% more susceptible to respond to negative and disturbing images. Through fatigue, people lose the ability to put their emotions in context and control them.

3. You do not know where you leave things! You look for the keys and you can not find them, you can not concentrate. The fatigue can produce in your body cognitive problems that make it difficult for you to place the attention corresponding to your tasks or activities.

4. You are more clumsy. Fatigue makes your motor skills slower and less precise, as indicated Clete Kushida, from the Stanford University Center for Human Dream Research.

5. Lack of sleep. A study of Victoria University of Australia notes fatigue patients experience higher levels of sleep interruption than patients with multiple sclerosis.

Fatigue or mental fatigue It not only influences your decisions but also your health. Remember that a good rest, a balanced diet and exercise can help you to avoid it, and to carry out all your activities.

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