10 things that improve your day

If you are one of those who dream of a better life, do not wait to have a raise, find the love of your life or win the lottery. Life is now and there are small actions that will make you end your day with a smile.

We share 10 things that according to some books and studies indicate, you can start doing to be happy.

Value the little things

Enjoy your cup of coffee, the smell of freshly made food, the smile of some special person, the blue sky or the sun's rays, the fact is that you appreciate what the day offers you.

Do some exercise

Practicing a sport helps improve your mental balance so that you see the world in a more relaxed way. According to data from the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, exercise helps improve the quality of life in all senses.

Be grateful

Take a minute of your day to thank for all the good you have. It will make you realize that your life is not so bad.

Embrace someone

It will help you increase your confidence and security, reduce anger and improve your self-esteem. Embrace can release endorphins from the brain and has wonderful healing powers, mentions the book "The hug therapy", Kathleen Keating.
Talk to a friend

Call someone with whom you have not spoken for a long time, you will feel happy with the meeting. In addition, a study from the University of Michigan recently concluded that socialization reduces stress and anxiety.

Listen to music

Researchers of the Drexel University they point out that music helps reduce depression, so smile, sing a little and enjoy your favorite song, it will give you energy to enjoy the day.

Give yourself a taste

Buy something or simply pamper yourself with some activities, it will make you feel valued by yourself and consequently it will help to improve your self-esteem which will lead you to be happy.

Try to do something new

Challenge your brain and change something in your routine, it will help you improve your memory and open your mind to receive more new things. The expert Shelly Kirkland, author of book "Keys to a stronger frontal lobe", He points out that any stimulus maximizes intelligence.

Help who needs it

According to the British organization Mental Health Foundation, volunteering or helping someone can reduce stress as well as improve mood.

Share a moment with your family

The University of Wisconsin-Madison He found that just talking to mom helps us reduce stress. Find a special moment with your family, it does not matter if they are only 5 minutes; This will help to understand that you have unconditional love and that you will always be supported.

It is not necessary to do the 10 steps on the same day, what is important is that since dawn until nightfall you must make your happiness a priority.

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