Sucker Punch

Have you ever felt disappointed? There are many causes of disappointment : when a relationship or marriage ends, by friends or disloyal co-workers, you even disappoint yourself when you do not achieve your goals.

Since the odds of suffering a disappointment they are very tall and maybe you feel this way with yourself or with others, it is important that you take care of your reactions so that they do not get happiness or affect your Health .

An investigation of the University of Turku in Finland says that emotions As anger causes weakness and pain in the chest, it could indicate that you are unconsciously preparing for a fight.

Since the body is susceptible to react to the feelings and thoughts, GetQoralHealth presents you the top 8 absurd things you do when you're disappointed .


Sucker Punch

1. Talk about more. In the face of disappointment, it is usually answered impulsively and without reflection, since it is a way of extracting frustration . However, it is counterproductive because it causes you to say things that you do not feel and enlarge the problems.


The Ukrainian-Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura He states that these situations can unconsciously reinforce aggressive tendencies. The ideal is to pause, since words are a very powerful weapon that can kill people.

2. Drink It is one of the practices considered absurd after a disappointment loving This way of reacting is not convenient because it leads to other serious problems such as depression , warns Royal College of Psychiatrists , London England.

3. Offend. This answer does not help at all, on the contrary, although apparently it is a form of relief you affect your health emotional and that of others, since in doing so you assault, humiliate and downgrade the other person.

In this regard, Gary and Barbara Rosberg in their book Divorce-proof marriages They claim that most couples have not learned to handle disappointments. Then, instead of healing the wound, they allow their hearts to harden and the problems and frustrations they do not resolve.

4. Scream For Lilienfeld, Lynn , author of the book 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behaviorscreaming is probably the way to feel good, but it will not improve the situation.


Suggest to keep calm to express the feelings, so you will be given a big step to resolve the conflict.

5. Hit. This type of relief is not the way out to end anger, the effect is contrary because it increases in frequency and intensity, says Enrique Pallarés Molíns in the book Control anger. Less anger and better relationships with others.

On the other hand, the clinical psychologist José Elías Fernández says that it reacts violently when the ego feels threatened or the self esteem . The blows are a manifestation of self-assessment, since "to more vulnerability and insecurity, greater impulsivity".

6. Isolate you. A study of University of Georgia confirms that social isolation has a negative impact on intellectual performance and decision-making capacity, which triggers aggressiveness , low work performance and even alcoholism .

7. Do not listen. The psychologist Antonio de Dios , of the Hospital USP Marbella , Spain says that before a disappointment, those involved seek to be right, however, the more you try to be right, the other borders to be defensive and not want to listen. This situation generates emotional desgate and it is difficult to reach an agreement.

8. Be unfaithful Relating intimately with another person to get out of a disappointment is a wrong path because you carry other problems like falling in love with the wrong person.

A study of Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), infidelity is presented more by frustration, disappointment and other problems that can not be resolved.


Keep calm!


The American clinical psychologist Michael Yapko affirms that a key to avoid disappointments is not having exaggerated or unrealistic expectations of others, because when not met, frustration and pain arise.

The disappointments they are an inevitable experience, part of life itself. Some studies states that at some point, we will all face it. And you, how are you prepared to react?

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