Medina undergoes physiotherapy

During the classic Tapatio against the Atlas, held on Saturday, October 29, the forward from Guadalajara, Alberto Medina , suffered a overdistention in the thigh so it will undergo treatment for recovery.

The information published in the Notimex agency indicates that Narciso López, Las Chivas field doctor, stated that the Deer Medina presents "an overdistension of muscle in his quadriceps on the left side".

In this sense, Lopez said that the first step they should take is to submit "to physiotherapy and medication to try to recover it as quickly as possible."


What is physiotherapy?

It is a branch of the health sciences, which is dedicated to the prevention, cure or palliation of various pathologies, through the application of massage, heat, cold, electrical currents exercises, stretching, etc.

It is useful to treat problems like sports injuries , sprains, sciatica, lumbago, cervialgia, muscle contractures, osteoarthritis, deviations of the spine , pre and post-partum preparation, pre and post surgery, sequelae of fractures, psycho-physical disability and hemiplegia .

According to the physiotherapists, rehabilitation it is an integral part of convalescence. Balanced nutrition, hygiene and proper exercises provide the physical basis for recovery. Therefore, Alberto Medina suggest you follow the recommendations of your doctors, for your early and optimal recovery.

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