This is the standard drink!

How many drinks Do you drink a day? Maybe at a party you lose the count, which you should avoid at all costs.

Throughout history, different strategies have been developed to regulate the excessive consumption of beverages with alcohol , with the objective of avoiding the negative consequences that could cause an individual or collective damage, that is, to prevent the harmful use of alcohol.

However, the responsibility of healthy adults that we decide to consume alcohol It plays a basic role in prevention, since the decision to drink with moderation or in excess is in each one of us.


This is the standard drink!

For this purpose, it is necessary to know what is the Standard Drink (TE) or Standard Drinking Unit (UBE), which will allow you to be aware of how much pure alcohol you can drink the next time you decide to have a few drinks.

In Mexico, a standard drink contains 13 grams of pure alcohol, which refers, approximately, to a beer (368 ml), a glass of wine (138 ml) or a horse of some distilled drink (43 ml).

For healthy adults, the recommendation for moderate consumption is: no more than 3 standard drinks for women and no more than 4 standard drinks for men, this is per occasion (every 24 hours) and spacing drinks at least one hour. Also, it is recommended not to drink anything at least 2 days a week.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its "Glossary of Alcohol and Drug Terms "of 1994 it is defined as "the volume of alcohol that contains approximately the same [...] amount of ethanol, regardless of the type of beverage.

Now that you know what a drink is and what it is to drink in moderation, do not forget that not every moderate drinker is always a responsible drinker.

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