Anorexia is caused by depression

The Eating disorder (TCA), as the bulimia and the anorexy , are diseases mental disorders that are characterized by serious alterations related to feeding , the weight and the image body, and caused by depression Y low self-esteem .

According to the Documentation and Studies of Women A.C. (DEMAC), every year there are 20 thousand new cases of anorexy in Mexico, because 87% of young women perform subsistence allowance without medical prescription.

For their part, the doctors of Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) assure that of every 100 Mexican women, 10 suffer from this food problem and five of them die. In addition, they noted that 95% of patients are ladies, while the remaining 5% are men.

In the next video, the doctor Araceli Aizpuro , of the Ellen West Foundation , explains the definition of this disease multifactorial and red lights to identify it.

Some experts say that to combat this disease it is important to have the collaboration of the family. In addition, a cognitive-behavioral treatment , where doctors, nurses, psychologists and specialists in the field intervene.

Forget these eating disorders with a balanced diet and a simple exercise routine!

Video Medicine: How an eating disorder develops: Madi O'Dell's story (May 2024).