Operation to reduce the penis?

For many men having a few extra inches on the penis would be a dream come true; however, for this Kenyan man it is a nightmare ...

Well, believe it or not, Horace Owiti Opiyo suffered from a disease called scrotal elephantiasis, which caused his testicles to grow to a size in which he could not live normally.

Thanks to a neighbor, this case went viral and reached the ears of the doctors who helped him.

Horace, who until recently was the man with the largest genitals in the world, suffered a lot because of this disease, since this causes swelling of the tissues especially of arms and legs, but in his case it was his penis along with his testicles those who suffered from these changes, leading him to have a penis one meter long and testicles so large that they weighed five kilograms of weight.

His life was a nightmare he could barely walk and weight and shape prevented him from performing his daily activities.