5 tips vs eating emotionally

Eat emotionally is a way to suppress or alleviate negative emotions , as eat for anxiety , stress , go to, fear boredom sadness and loneliness. This eating pattern can prevent lose weight , if you are at diet .

There are several factors that can cause this type of behaviors or disorders ; among the most frequent are unemployment, economic pressure, health problems, conflicts in relationships, work stress , bad weather and fatigue .

If you consider yourself a person prone to eat emotionally , you can take some steps to regain control of your Feeding Habits and re-raise your weight goals. So in GetQoralHealth , we present some tips to control that way of eating and the cravings :

1. Keep a diary . Write down what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how you feel when you eat and how much hungry you feel. Over time, you will be able to identify some patterns that reveal the connection between the humor and food .

2. Seek support . You are more likely to give in to eating emotional if you lack a good support network. Ask your help family and friends , or consider joining a support group.

3. Do not deprive yourself . When you are trying to lose weight, The most common is that you stop eating those goodies or foods that usually have a high amount of calories , which can only cause your cravings , especially in response to emotions . The advisable thing is that you enjoy these foods occasionally, without exceptions, so that you start to control in a better way the cravings .

4. Get enough sleep . It is very common that if not you rest adequately lack energy, which leads to eating some foods with many calories that give you energy to counteract it. Better take a nap or go to bed earlier so that sleep all right.

5. Professional help . If you have already tried several methods to control your way of eating but without success, therapy can help you understand the motivations behind your way of eating, as well as new skills to deal with it. It can also help detect if you present a eating disorder , which sometimes connects to this way of eating.

It is important that if you get to eat emotionally , you know forgive you yourself and start over the next day. Try to learn from the experience and make a plan of how you can prevent it in the future.

Focus on the positive changes what have you done in your Feeding Habits and acknowledge yourself for modifying these patterns, which will lead you to better health.

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