6 tips vs eating disorders

The eating disorders are serious alterations of eating behavior, and among the three most common are the anorexia and bulimia nervous, as well as the Binge eating disorder .

It is clear that these are not disorders that can be easily controlled, but you can identify the condition, accept it and seek professional help.

The importance of body image

The common thread that links these Eating Disorders It is intimately related to the deep dissatisfaction that people feel for their body, believing that the only way to improve it is to lose weight (which contributes to initiate subsistence allowance restrictive, binge-eating, vomiting or the use of laxatives ).

Nowadays there is a culture where the ideal of beauty It is a thin body. You just have to see the runway models (increasingly squalid), or the advertising that continually bombards with images of tall women, without an extra gram of fat.

According to specialists, it is easy to understand that three out of four women are dissatisfied with their body, mainly with the hips, thighs, abdomen and, above all, with the weight in general.


Recommendations of the specialists

The Institute of Eating Disorders of Catalonia offers some recommendations to avoid falling into this type of anomalies:

  1. No one is equal to another: Understand that the weight It is relative and depends on the constitution, age and body shape of each person, it is essential not to fall into the trap. Fortunately, not all human beings are the same, there are tall and short people; skinny and robust; However, the important thing is to accept the characteristics of the body and take advantage of the good points.
  2. If necessary, psychological support should be sought to help dispel irrational beliefs and thoughts about the body and weight, as well as the behaviors that an eating disorder can create.
  3. As important as taking care of feeding , is to attend, protect and maintain good self-esteem.
  4. Avoid complaints about body defects that, by the way, are often imperceptible to the rest of the people with whom you live.
  5. Establish a regular feeding pattern: It is advisable to go with a nutritionist or bariatrician, because it is a professional help that will address the characteristics of the body and the body to indicate a diet adequate

Remember that food is not a crime or punishment; In addition, food is directly related to the emotional, therefore, it must be recognized those situations that may affect food, and therefore well-being.

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