Anorexia is in the genes

According to British scientists they reveal that the anorexy is linked to genetic factors, because patients have the insula , a tiny part of the brain .

Bryan Lask, director of the study and doctor of the unit of eating disorders of the British hospital Great Ormond Street , says that magnetic resonance images show that the insula is not active in people with anorexia, which causes effects on the body.

Anorexia is a Eating Disorder (TAC) which results in the obsessive fear of increasing weight ; Failure to attend to it in time can result in death. In the next video, the specialist of the Ellen West Foundation explains the features:

In information published in the BBC , it is specified that many of the studies on anorexy point to psychological factors that alter the way a person evaluates and perceives their own body image, food and nutrition .

But the research led by Professor Bryan Lask is one of the pioneers in showing that there is also a genetic predisposition.

"For a long time it was thought that this was simply a disease of middle class teenagers. But it is not like that, it is not a condition for which one opts, "he said.

The specialist abounds that it is "a much more serious disorder than had been thought." He stressed the need for an earlier intervention with more specialized treatments, focused on the problem with the insula rather than feeding. There are many types of anorexia, find out here.

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Video Medicine: Is Anorexia In Your Genes? (February 2023).