Tennis and yoga

Tennis requires feline reflexes and force . Their short movements do not allow muscles extend in all its length.

When the muscles are they strain and lose their elasticity can be dangerous stretch . The exercises of Yoga can increase the amplitude of the body of movement. Without the elasticity of the muscles, an athlete believes to be a prisoner within his own body.

Most athletes who play tennis are in a constant state of muscle tension . Yoga trains the body to relax it. Starting your game in a state of relaxation can mean triumph.

When you are ready, your muscles contract, ready for action . To move, the muscles must be relaxed and then contract again in any direction.


Yoga breathing exercises can help improve endurance

Yoga trains the body to create strength through the control of breathing. Keeping the breath at the stress points has a lot of energy that can be used during the long series or matches .

Learning correctly when you are doing a yoga posture is simple. Exhale during the execution until you feel the muscles full of elasticity (maximum resistance). Never hold your breath. Breathe normally and listen to the body .

Hold this position for 30 seconds, then release the posture slowly. Through the constant practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques are soon applied in everyday routines.

A simple twist on the column is excellent for rotational sports . It can help to increase the necessary flexibility of the shoulders and back and hips. Remember that you must apply the technique of breathing for this position.

Begin the spinal rotation by sitting on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you. Keeping the back straight, bend the left leg by placing the left foot on the outside of the right knee. Now, place your left hand on the floor behind you with your right arm and your elbow bent at right angles. Located on the outside of the left thigh place the right hand on the left hip .

Exhale slowly while turning the head and upper body to the left, looking over the left shoulder. The pressure exerted by the right arm must maintain the left leg motionless while the pressure of the left arm and the torso gives the turn. The greater use of both arms increases the turn. Hold this position for 30 seconds and on the opposite side.

A total of Physical conditioning and the flexibility routine are essential for the tennis player. Using yoga techniques could be the advantage you need to develop your game.

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