7 foods that make you eat more

Has it happened to you that you have hungry Do you eat a sandwich and make you want to keep eating? Even if you do not believe it, there are foods that make you hungrier, instead of satisfying this sensation.

In accordance with Sue DeCotiis, weight loss specialist and certified internist , hunger is generated by various interactions between the stomach, intestines, brain, pancreas and blood circulation.

exist foods that by their nature they slow down the metabolism, reason why the organism does not process them appropriately fomenting the accumulation of fat in the body and send to the brain the order that still is not satisfied.

1. White bread . The flour that is used to prepare this food does not contain the fiber necessary to satisfy the appetite, that is, it is a processed food, where most of the nutrients are removed.

2. Juices . Although it seems healthy, when you drink excess, the sugar content in the blood increases, and it does not contain fiber, which helps to increase hunger, says Mitzi Dulan, author of The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin.

3. Salty snacks . Potatoes, pretzels and other salty snacks of this type are simple carbohydrates, which do not remove hunger and promote the development of fat in the body.

4. Fast food . Normally, this type of food is rich in trans fats, which are responsible for inflaming the intestine and prevent the intestine from registering a satiety effect.

5. Pasta . The pastas made of white flour, that is, it is a simple carbohydrate, which favors the production of insulin, reduces sugar levels and creates a feeling of hunger.

6. Sushi . In accordance with Susan M. Kleiner, RD, PhD, scientist at USANA Health Sciences , details that this food is full of carbohydrates, that is, a sushi roll is equivalent to the consumption of three slices of white bread. When they are ingested, the body processes them, but they do not give you satiety.

7. Pizza . Because it is a mixture of flour, hydrogenated oils, processed cheeses, preservatives and trans fats, it alters blood sugar levels and reduces the production of hormones that provide satiety to the body.

By reducing the consumption of these foods you will not only be less hungry, but your body will be healthier and you will be able to carry out your activities. In addition, your concentration and productivity will be greater.

If you get hungry at some time of the day, choose foods natural as a piece of fruit, a vegetable or something that really gives you that feeling of fullness. And you, how do you satisfy your hunger?

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