Causes of eating disorders

Fashion and current culture, accentuate the concept of thinness as beauty, which most of the time, becomes the cause of eating disorders, as a consequence of the opportunism of fashion, explains Dr. Trisha Gura, author of the book "The weight lie" .

In this sense, health experts say that one of the factors that lead to eating disorders It is the intention to increase your control in some emotional crisis. These disorders they then become a lifesaver during the storm.

There are also cases in which to have a eating disorder It has a biological or genetic cause. Recent research in these fields reveals that it is true that the genetic factor contributes to the eating disorders .

External factors

However, this does not mean that environmental factors such as fashion and culture do not contribute to their development. The genetic predisposition is the weapon and the environmental and cultural influence are the bullets so that a eating disorder To develop.

The genetic traits have always been present, but the stimulus of the environment is needed to activate the disorder. On the other hand, diverse investigators try to know what it is that causes in some people the uncontrollable desire to eat, stop doing it and exercise compulsively.


Influence of serotonin

Carolyn Costin, in her book "The eating disorder" , mentions that the decline in serotonin , chemical substance that regulates mood and appetite, causes anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

Symptoms improve in 50% of cases through the use of selective reuptake inhibitors. serotonin (SSRI), such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft.


Mood factor

For his part, Professor Christopher G. Fairburn, explains in his book "Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders " that self-esteem is decisive for whether or not any eating disorder :

"A woman with low self-esteem, hates herself and is the victim of extreme worry about her form and weight, which in turn, leads her to a strict diet and finally to the anorexy , But it does not stop there. On many occasions, diet strict carries after, to eat compulsively , to vomit later and therefore, to the bulimia ".  

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