Lose emotional pounds!

Hunger is a vital physiological need, which must be fulfilled to preserve the state of health. Each food provides different nutrients for our body to function properly. According to the American College of Cardiology (OCC) , eating for emotions is eating for reasons other than being hungry, which can cause damage to health.

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The main causes of eating for emotions are: presence of important situations in life, such as losing a job, family or partner arguments, sadness, anxiety, stress, loneliness or perceiving food as a reward, distracting or tranquilizing.

Therefore in GetQoralHealth , we present some measures to learn to know your body, control your emotions and avoid eating anxiety.


Lose emotional pounds!

Evaluate . Rate your feeling of hunger on a scale of 1 to 10. The 1 means you are very hungry, the 10 means you are too "full" or satisfied and it is not healthy. Try to eat when you rate your feeling hungry on a scale of 3 to 4.

Question Try to explain yourself or find the reason that triggers that feeling of hunger, even when you are satisfied, ask yourself: am I really hungry? and how do I feel?

Just relax. Take a break and reflect on what happens in your day to day, think about what bothers you or makes you feel sad and seeks a real solution: eating without control and moderation is not.

Be surprised If your reactions have become predictable even for you, turn your life around and change what you do: go for a walk, change your activities, take a new path to go home or call a friend.

Avoid excesses. If your emotions are out of control, avoid consuming stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol, this will only increase your anxiety and negative feelings.

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Learn to eat!

To learn to eat, it is necessary to give an exclusive time for it and take the following measures:

  1. Try to stop before being too satisfied, and identify how you feel to be satisfied or full.
  2. Before eating, take a couple of deep breaths, followed by slowly eating.
  3. Pause a quarter of your food and half to identify the level of hunger you have.
  4. It is not necessary to leave the plate empty, if you know the right portions for you, you will avoid waste and you will know better.

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While you are at the table, concentrate on eating only. Enjoy each bite and remember the famous phrase, part of a prayer to the gods: "Healthy mind in a healthy body" , so that you learn to take care of your health "from within".

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